I’m SOOOOOO excited about a new thing my mom has been helping me with!!!!!  I could hardly wait to tell you about it!  She had to keep me quiet with lots of snacks, but that was ok with me. 🙂

Since my name is Behr Behr (German for “little bear”), I asked her if we could share bear related stuff with you each week.  Together we came up with the idea of “TEDDY BEAR TUESDAYS”, our new weekly feature. Each week, we will feature interesting bear facts, funny stories or pictures, cartoons, and so forth, for your entertainment.  I’ve been having SO much fun gathering things to post on Tuesdays!!! I can hardly wait to show them all to you.

So, join my mom and me each Tuesday, for Teddy Bear Tuesdays, ok? We’ll have lots of fun together.

Now, let’s get started…