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Hi. I don’t mean to sound like I’ve got a CHIP on my shoulder or anything, but I’m bored silly right now. No, I don’t have any exciting or funny pictures to show you because my parents are in one of their weird “torture Behr Behr” moods again.

They’ve got those embarrassing dog “pants” on me again, for whatever reason. So, instead of fun walkies, or visiting my friends, I’m stuck at home. Mom laughs and tells me (as she puts them on) to just “Put my big girl panties on and deal with it.” I really don’t think that’s funny. They’re telling me to “hang on” and that it’s the “last time I have to wear them”, and whispering something about a surgery. I don’t like the sounds of that.

Meanwhile, I try to drive them nuts in hopes that I’ll wear them down and they’ll take me for walkies. I’ve even tried to RAM my toys into Mom and Dad’s hip SOCKET to get them to play with me, but it doesn’t work. It does leave a nice purple color where I hit them tho. They ought to thank me for adding so much color to their lives. I’m still a born JUMPER, even if I have to do it in the house and knock everything over in the PROCESS. Good thing I’m such a good, patient puppy, altho I may be a little “BIOS’D” in my opinion of myself. At least they spent some of their CACHE to buy me a new puzzle toy called a Tornado, which I LOVE!!! I’ll have to show you it soon, but I’m kind of embarrassed to show you a video while I have my pants on.

♥ Behr Behr, “chairpuppy of the bored”

For those who are wondering, the words in capitals are all motherboard terms…to go with the motherboard photo. 🙂

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