This is my video for Waldo’s “Tricks for Treats” contest.

I’m still a hyper puppy, and still learning the tricks, but I turned it in anyhow. Mom said it was good practice, whatever that means. I can even pick up 9-10 toys now.

These tricks, as imperfect as they are, are dedicated to my friend Echo (LWT) at Zoo Crew. (see also BigHoneyDog’s comments on that post) I guess I’m not the only wild dane!

In puppy class I didn’t ever want to sit still or settle down. The other dogs Mom has trained/shown were easier, (translation: boring) and trainers gave up on me,  saying I’m “too hard to train.”

BUT, my mom didn’t listen to them, and now she and I are a great team. I LOVE to learn new things, and wish she had more time to  train play with me!

♥ Behr Behr, amateur toy picker upper. 🙂