Woo Hoo!! What a happy day I had today!!!!

We went on a long car ride to a new place. When we got there, I could hear some other dogs barking, so I figured we were at that vet’s place again.  Boy was I glad we weren’t! Instead, we were at a new place that had fun sounds and great smells everywhere.

What?? A class?  Gosh, I haven’t been in a class since I was in puppy class. I didn’t exactly graduate from puppy class, and I’m proud of it. I just couldn’t sit still, kept barking and howling and trying to tell everyone I wanted to play with them, and dragged Mom and Dad all over the place to sniff everything.  The teacher didn’t like that for some reason.  I wouldn’t listen to her when she asked me to do something boring either. No way!!! I want to run around like a wild dog and sniff!!! I LIKE to sniff everything, all the time.  Mom says when she walks me it’s like walking a vacuum cleaner, but that can’t be right ‘cause I don’t make those horrible vacuum cleaner sounds.

Guess what? I’m in a SNIFFING class now, and I love it!!! I am in total dog Heaven with this class.  They put me in my crate and I have to wait a long time, like 4 months I think. Every once in a while I scratch a whole bunch on the crate to remind them I’m ready to come out and play. Then after a while they hear the sounds of my scratching and let me out so I can run and sniff.

Then they hide one of my toys and I get to race through the building and look for it.  When I finally find it, we get to play a whole bunch, and I get snacks too.  Now that’s MY kind of class!!!  I LOVE sniffing!!!  I heard Mom and Dad talking to the people there, and they said there are a whole bunch of classes for me to go to, but I have to pass this one first.  Keep your paws crossed for me, ok?  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

♥ Behr Behr, the scratch and sniff puppy