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Boy, when I Mom and Dad got my special travel backpack out and filled it with my toys and stuff, I got SUPER excited!!! I started crying and running to the door because last time they got my backpack out it meant we went somewhere FUN. Yes, I only saw my backpack once (about 7 mon. ago) and remembered what it meant! Last time I saw it, we went camping in the mts. and I had to wear the horse blanket, but I loved it.

While they were packing the car, I was bored and tried to get my bone toy to play with, but Mom said no. 

Later I tried to get my blankie so I could stuff it in my mouth and take a nap ‘cause they were taking so long, but Mom wouldn’t let me do that either. Hurry up you guys! I wanna get going!

After a long drive, we got out our portable house where we sleep. I like sleeping in the portable house.  It’s like a big human crate, only I get to sleep in it WITH Mom and Dad.

I could still see the mts., but this time we camped down low on a big lake called the ocean.  One day, I was hanging out near our portable house when this silly gopher popped up to say “hi” to me.  Well, I think that’s what he said, but I don’t exactly speak gopher.

Sometimes he dashed out of his hole to eat some grass real quick and then disappear again.  I think he was hiding from his mom because he gets in trouble for eating grass.  I have to hide from Mom and Dad when I eat grass ’cause they don’t like it either.

Anyhow, when Mom wouldn’t let me play with him, he started making faces at me.  Look at those teeth!!!

Here’s a duck that came to visit.  I didn’t know there were ducks near the big lake called the ocean.

Here’s another bird that was there too.

We got to go for walkies near the beach, but I had to stay on a leash and couldn’t run around by myself.  Mom even showed me a sign that she read to me.  It says “Danes have to stay on a leash.” She pointed to the little bear in the bottom corner of the sign and told me that means, “Especially Behr Behrs.”  I wasn’t allowed to go past the green plants on the beach.

I tried to sniff the ground, but sand is no fun to sniff at all. Yuck.  Smells like salt.

I just stayed on the green stuff and watched the people and birds mainly.  The water was weird, ‘cause it was moving.  I think it couldn’t decide if it wanted to be near our portable house or not because it kept coming close and then running away again. I think maybe because I’m big and black I scared the water.  That happens with little dogs and some people, too. I’m not trying to scare them.  I really am a nice Behr Behr, but they don’t believe me.

Anyhow, since some of the water was coming toward us and some was running away, they crashed into each other all the time and made lots of noise all day long. Silly water.

OK, I’m going to have to finish this story in the next post.  Fortunately, it got a LOT more fun for me later.  Stay tuned.  Same blog, same Behr Behr, coming up after Teddy bear Tuesday.

♥ Behr Behr, the Beach Babe.