Continuing my story about my first ever beach camping trip….

The first night while I was asleep in the human crate/portable house thing, Mom and Dad were in the next site hanging out with more of our family. While they were gone, a raccoon came into our campsite and stole all of my foodies.  No kidding.  I wouldn’t joke about something as serious as that!! The next morning I had to starve until Dad found a store that had my kind of food.  Whew! That was awful!  Here’s a picture of what the raccoon did to the bag my foodies were in…

While we were there, I got to go on some fun hikes.

One time we hiked 5 miles, just to see some strange animals that just slept all day. They looked like a bunch of silly logs on the beach, if you ask me, and I didn’t even get to play with them.  They were called Harbor Seals, and they came to this beach just to have their babies and sleep. How boring is that ?

I think the little seal that wanted to play with me liked me.  Must have been the seal of approval 🙂

Here’s what they look like when they are awake. (not Mom’s photo)


Moving right along…

The best part of the trip was going to the beach that was FOR DOGS ONLY!!!

While we were there, I got to run wild all I wanted, play in the water, and chase after my toys.  Wahooo!!!! I LOVE the beach!

Sometimes I ran so fast that when I tried to stop, my feet went flying up into the air, like this…

It was my first time ever seeing a water deep enough to swim in, altho that’s kinda hard ’cause it kept moving all the time.  It was still running toward me and then away again like on the other beach.

Look at how much FUN I was having on the dog beach….

The funny noise my Mom made when filming this was because she felt something weird brush up against her foot while video taping me running. She looked down and saw this strange creature, called a Channel Island Sea Anemone.  She’s adding a close up borrowed from National Geographic. (it’s the clear one) 🙂  We saw quite a few of them.  I think they look like a circle of worms all holding hands 🙂


I’m gonna miss camping on the beach and playing at the beach that’s just for us puppies. I sure am glad I got a home that takes me fun places like this.  First the mts., then the beach to camp.  I wonder where they’ll take me next????

Behr Behr, the Beach Babe, signing off for now.