Hi, it’s me, Behr Behr the squirrel patrolling dane here.  We have a serious problem at my house. I try my hardest to make sure that the squirrels all know this is MY house, and only princess puppy danes are allowed here. NO squirrels allowed.  Ever.  Not even one.  I don’ t want them anywhere near my food or toys.

Whenever I’m on my observation deck I’m watching the trees for those fluffy little rascals, unless I’m on the ground below trying to catch them, that is.  Even when I’m resting on my outside bed I have to keep my eyes on the trees to make sure they don’t come on my deck and try to steal my bed.  You never know what they’ll try next.  By the way, I keep telling Dad it was the squirrels that bit the nose off of Mom’s bear on the deck, not me.  So far he hasn’t fallen for that one tho. Darn. It was worth a try.

Excuse me, Mom, can’t you see I’m on duty here?  I’m hiding below the plants so the squirrels won’t see me and I can sneak up on them. You’ll give me away with that silly camera and flash!

Anyhow, about 1 1/2 months ago, I saw Mom and Dad working on something real interesting. They took this old tire that was shaped funny and then covered it with funny stuff that looked like pictures of leaves and sticks and stuff. Hmmm.  They put some stuff in the tire thing, and then hung it up in one of our trees. I was thinking, “Oh, I get it!! It’s a squirrel trap! This is great of Mom and Dad to help me catch the squirrels!!”  The whenever I was out on the observation deck of my fortress I kept watching to see if we caught any yet. Since it looked pretty tricky with the camoflage leaf covering on it I thought we’d catch some for sure. I started dreaming of squirrel snacks and watching the trap.  Yum.

Not long after, I started my sniffing class and was spending more time practicing that than I did watching the squirrel trap. I figured all of my sniffing practice would make me better at finding those sneaky little squirrels if they didn’t fall for the trap thing.

Then it happened. A few days ago I was taking a hard earned break from my sniffing practice, and was just kicking back on my deck enjoying the spring sunshine. I looked up at the squirrel trap and was horrified when I saw THIS….

How did that baby squirrel get in the trap, and why does he look like he’s happy about it?  Quick!! Sound the alarm!!! Hey Mom, we got one!!  Mom! We got a baby squirrel in the trap, hurry and look!

I ran in the house to get Mom or Dad, and when I came back the situation was WORSE!!! Oh NO!! This is terrible! Now there are TWO of those baby rascals!

What’s going on here? They are coming out of the trap unharmed! I don’t understand. I barked at them a whole bunch and they finally went back in the trap where they belong.  Now maybe Dad will get me my squirrel snacks out of the trap. Drool drool…

I went back in the house and waited.  Nothing. Well, maybe they’ll get my snacks later.  I wonder if they make good squeaky toys?  I’ll bet they do.  Wow, squeaky snacks!  Now there’s a thought.

The next day I went out on the observation deck to check on the situation again.  Just when I thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, it did.  This time there were 2 big adult squirrels AND the two babies, and all of them were just fine!

The big squirrel tails..

plus the babies (one was even so relaxed he was falling asleep!)

Note the one on the left. See his silly feet dangling down? He’s obviously not afraid of me.  Doesn’t he know I’m part of the squirrel patrol?

Here’s the whole fluffy family..

So, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. It looks like the trap Mom and Dad put in the tree didn’t work, in fact, it had horrible results! These squeaky rascals just turned the trap into a squirrel house, and they seem quite happy about it, too. I am NOT happy about it. They sit up there and peer down on me, and I’m pretty sure they are smiling at me from that little nut house of theirs.

♥ Behr Behr, still waiting for those squeaky snacks to come down out of their tree…  Drool drool.