Honest, I didn’t mean to.  Mom took me to the dog park to train me outside of the park. Then, because I was really good and there were only nice doggies in the dog park, she let me go inside and play with them. She was being really careful because when I was little I was attacked by mean dogs several times.  Anyhow, I met some new friends and was having lots of fun running around with them, and in general, just being happy puppies. 

While we were racing around, I decided to head back to Mom to check on her.  All of my new friends were following me right on my tail. I was running fast because they were a lot bigger than me (!!) and I wanted to show them that being a lightweight (105 pounds) has it’s advantages.  Anyhow, Mom was busy talking to her new friends and didn’t see us coming and we all crashed into her.  It was kinda cool because I learned that when you hit Mom hard enough she actually knows how to fly! Wow! She flew right over our heads.  I think my friends were impressed.

Mom wasn’t able to stand up for some reason, so I stayed right by her. I was worried about her because a bunch of people ran over to be near her and I didn’t know them, so I was staying by her so she would feel better.

Now Mom can’t walk anymore, and she can’t even take me for walkies or play with me. Dad said I have to be extra careful around her for a long time. I miss our walkies!

Oh yeah, we were just getting ready to go on a trip to help our family out. Mom’s going to have to drive over 2,000 miles with her big boo boo, too.  At least Dad will be there too, so he can play with me when we get there and at rest stops. He’ll be in a big truck and Mom in a car.  The others in our family will be in more cars.

Mom said we probably will not be able to post any updates while we are gone, so this blog will be on vacation until we get back.  I’m looking forward to telling you all about my lonnnnnnng trip when I get back, tho. This is my first time going on such a long trip.

♥ Behr Behr, at Mom’s side protecting her from more boo boos for now.

Note from Behr Behr’s mom: the people at the dog park added up the dog’s weights and figured I had been hit with almost 500 pounds of fast moving fur coated football players 🙂  Tackled by a line backer, maybe?  Anyhow, I have partially or completely torn all but one of the tendons in my knee, and the MCL is partially torn loose from the tibia bone. Not only that, but the kneecap is damaged and cartilage torn off of the back of it and the top of the femur bone.  Ouch, with a capital “O”.  I’ll be getting it fixed after I get back (doc said they can’t do anything right now anyhow because of swelling and other issues). Meanwhile, I’m stuck in a metal brace and limping badly 😦

We’ll update when we get back.

Behr Behr’s mom