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June Calendar

I miss all of you, my friends!!!  Sorry it’s been so long, but we’ve had a lot going on around here and my Mom hasn’t been able to post for me lately. I’m hoping she will get back to it soon, since I have about 394 things to tell you and about 7,122 cool pictures to post.   I have been sneaking on Mom’s computer to read your blogs, but she usually isn’t around to comment for me, and I can’t type with my big paws.

Mom is finally going to have her surgery on Oct. 1st.  She had to wait until her leg muscles were strong enough to support her knee while the grafts she has to have are healing.  It’s going to be a pretty extensive surgery, and unfortunately, we still can’t have our walkies together for quite a while.  I’m pretty sad about that.

I hope all of you have been having a great summer, with lots of fun activities. I wanted to show you a photo of my mom’s calendar. (sorry about the quality)  Of course, you’ll notice that the princess puppy (that would be me) is in the center of the photo.  My friend Wuki is the lifeguard, my friend Dusty is on the raft, and my cousin Zeus is chilling on the beach towel.  Zeus is the one whose family we helped move to Colorado.  He was so upset about moving that he pretty much ignored me when we got to CO., much like he’s doing in this photo.  I’ll show you more photos of how he was acting as soon as I talk Mom into posting them. Hint, hint, Mom.

♥ Behr Behr, the fun in the sun puppy.


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