So, after much barking and pleading I finally convinced Mom to help me communicate with all of my friends again.  I missed all of you a bunch, and am SO looking forward to making the rounds to visit you again and see what you are up to!!  Thank you for your patience while Mom needed the time off.  I am so thankful for such great friends like you!!!!!

Meanwhile, let’s just pick up where WE left off….

When Mom got hurt at the dog park (which led to her surgery), we were just getting ready to leave on a trip to help Zeus’s family move to another state.  Zeus is my cousin and one of my bestest friends.  Well, at least I thought he was my best friend until he moved and got all grumpy with me.  Keep reading to find out what I mean 🙂

We went through 3 states to get to Zeus’ new home, so it was a long, long, long, long, long ride.  I think it took about 1.375 years (in dog years) to get there. Not only that, but some of us even drove other people’s cars to get there.  That’s really weird to me.  Dad drove a really, really big moving truck, Mom drove a big van, and my aunts and uncles drove cars.

All the humans all had little radios that they were chatting and laughing on all the way out there.  It’s like they had a “human’s only radio club” or something, laughing and talking non-stop.  They said that was good because sometimes we were in mts. where the cell phones didn’t work.  Whatever.  All I know is that they weren’t even nice enough to remember that Zeus and I didn’t have any way to bark to each other, so we felt really left out.

Here’s a picture of Zeus in his car.

Zeus seemed ok with the whole long drive for some reason.  I, on the other hand, was totally, completely, and thoroughly bored to tears.  It didn’t take long before I realized that THIS trip was going nowhere fun.  No beach, no park, no sniffy class, no camping.  Nothing to look at all day but trees and roads and cars. 

The silly humans were all excited about seeing pretty views and fun things on the trip.  All I saw was boring old roads and trees.  Well, ok, they did actually stop once in a while in some park like places that were pretty, but for some reason we weren’t allowed to run all over the place.  We had to stay on leashes.  Here are some photos of the pretty park-like places, but please note how longingly I’m looking at all of that empty grass that I wanted to run and play in.  They still never got the hint and let me run free, even tho I gave them the saddest looks I could possibly make.

I even got to see a river at one of the park places, but I wasn’t allowed in the water.  You’d think we were at a museum or something!

Well, I guess to be totally fair, I should tell you that Mom and Dad DID let me do one of my favorite things in the whole universe…SNIFFING!!! Oh yeah, NOW you’re talking my kinda fun!

OK, so maybe it wasn’t TOTALLY boring, and Mom and Dad weren’t trying to mean to me or something.  I wish I could have spent hours sniffing the new places, but right when I got really into it they would put me back in the silly car and start driving again.

I figured that when we got to Zeus’ new home that things would be great again, so I tried to be patient with everybody.  Wrong again.

When we got to Zeus’ new (temporary) home, Zeus suddenly acted like he didn’t even know me or something!!!  I couldn’t even believe it!! No matter what I did to try to play with him and be nice, he would turn away from me or snap at me. I was starting to get really sad now. 😦 

When he wasn’t ignoring me or snapping at me, he would just sit and stare at the door like he wanted to go back to his old house, sometimes even howling like he was sad and crying or something..


Finally, Mom sat down and talked to me and told me that Zeus was just really scared and not trying to be mean to me on purpose.  She told me that when he was a little pup, he had been abandoned for a long, long time and that he was probably afraid .  He still had his family, but his heart remembered how scared he was as a little puppy when he was left in a strange place all alone. As she was talking, little puppy tears were starting to leak from my eyes.

I felt a lot better after she explained all of this to me.  She assured me that the next time I would go back to visit Zeus, he would have a big new house and yard for us to play in and we could be happy together just like old times.  I decided to forgive him for ignoring me and that I would give him plenty of time to adjust to the changes he was going through.

Dad was so nice to take me to lots of dog parks so I could run around and play with some new doggie friends while we were on vacation!  We also got to go for some really pretty walkies while we were there.  Yay!!!

Look how pretty the bike and hiking trails were by Zeus’ new home..

Boy was Zeus ever going to LOVE  these trails when he calmed down!!!! He’s one lucky dog to live here!

Another thing that was actually fun for me was seeing all of the millions of bunnies near Zeus’ new home.  They were EVERYWHERE!!! Don’t worry, I’m not allowed to chase the bunnies at my house or here, but I AM allowed to sniff their trails (which I actually like even better!)

My mom likes this next picture, and since she’s nice enough to be helping me blog again, I’m letting her post it along with my photos.  It’s a picture of my little human cousin.  He’s my mom’s grandson (and Zeus’  human “brother”).

“Uh Oh Mom, look!…he’s getting my Hamlet toy from my den!”

Well, before long it was time to leave and drive through all of those boring states to come back home.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get in a car again after this!!!

Here’s what the trip home was like, in my view, anyhow…

Roads and trees, roads and trees, roads and trees, roads and trees….

Yipee! I can get out and roll in the grass now????

What? I have to get back into the car already?!?

Then it was roads and trees, roads and trees all over again.

Somewhere on the way home between the roads and trees and the breaks in the parks that were just teasers, I decided to teach Mom and Dad a lesson about taking me on such boring road trips.  I decided to chew up the seat belt that my harness was hooked into so that I could attempt an escape.  Unfortunately, they caught me and were really unhappy about what I had done.  The only other time I chewed up a seatbelt was when I was only about 12 weeks old and Dad was taking too long in Starbucks while I waited alone in the car.  You’d think they would have gotten the point then, but I had to remind them on this trip.

Fortunately, after 3.45 years, we finally got home again.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so GLAD to see my house before!

For now, tho, I think I’ll just stay away from roads for a while.  Trees are ok tho. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, travel’n dog.

Note from Behr Behr’s mom:  I happy to report that Zeus’ family got their new, permanent home, and Zeus is once again a very happy dog.  He now has his very own private “park” in his back yard that is huge, with lots and lots of room for him to run and play.