Good news about my cousin, Zeus!  Remember how I said that when we helped Zeus’s family move, he was really sad and was howling when he got to his new home? Well, not only did he get a big, new house with a park in his back yard, he also has fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky, just for him!

The whole time Zeus lived here in Cali. near me, he had this silly thick coat on. I think he kept it on because his fur parents gave it to him, and he figured that by leaving it on they might see him one day and recognize him or something.  I kept telling him to take it off and put on his short one, like I have, but he never did. We don’t need thick coats where we live.  Besides that, his coat was always falling out all over the place, as a subtle hint to him that it just wasn’t right to wear it all year.  He never got the hint, tho.

In his new home, about a 200 hour drive from my house (remember? roads and trees, roads and trees…), he is getting this cold white stuff pretty often now.  While his humans have to go out and buy all this special stuff to wear so that they’re not freezing, his built in coat is perfect. Suddenly, he has discovered what the thick fluffy coat was for!!! Oh my gosh, he is a totally different dog in the white stuff!! He zooms around like some kind of wild puppy in the  stuff (not that I would know what a wild puppy acts like or anything….)

Take a look….

♥ Behr Behr,  the sleek and shiny one 🙂