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Can you imagine how scary it would be if big Great Danes like us dressed up like Ghost Dogs? Bwahahaha…


♥Behr Behrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………




Don’t worry, I haven’t disappeared. 🙂

Mom’s getting around on her four legs pretty well now, and can even hobble  a little bit on two!  She goes to a place called “physical therapy” for several hours a day.  I haven’t gotten to go there yet, but I don’t think I really want to.  She said they just make her do lots of exercises that hurt.  No thanks, I’ll just get my exercise with Dad instead!!  Besides, I’m a puppy princess, and I only do things that are fun.

Dad and I have become quite a team lately, going new places, exploring and playing.  He used to not have as much time with me, but since Mom got hurt and had her surgery, Dad’s been the one taking me exploring.  That’s one of the good things that have happened because Mom got hurt, I guess. I always did wish Dad could do more things with me, and now he does.  In fact, Dad does EVERYTHING with me because Mom can’t even take me for walks or anything.  I kinda feel sorry for Mom, tho.  Sometimes she goes for little walks with Dad and I, but she has to use her crutches, so it’s a lot slower than I usually walk.  Other times, she sits and watches us play and I think that’s kinda hard for her.  It’s ok, someday Mom and I will get to play together again. After all of this that she has gone through, I don’t think she’ll ever take me to a dog park again, though. She said that was a really, really expensive trip to the dog park that we had that day in June 🙂  It scares people when she goes places and they see her and find out her injuries happened in the dog park.  Obviously that kind of thing doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s good to be aware that it can happen, and to keep an eye on all of the doggies that are playing there.

Tonight Dad and I were out on a walk and playing when we heard a big splash in some water. Of course, I rushed right over to see who had jumped in the water 🙂  Boy was I surprised to see some kind of strange puppy named “Raccoon” looking up at me!! Dad wouldn’t let me chase him, tho.  We didn’t have a camera with me, so I found this photo on the internet to show you what he looked like.  Dad told me this “puppy” likes to wash his food in water before eating it.  Now that’s ridiculous!! I eat stuff off the ground all the time without washing it, and I’m just fine.

Besides, it would take me forever to eat if I had to wash all of my food.  That’s probably why the raccoon puppy was so small compared to me, ’cause he wastes too much time playing with his food in the water instead of gulping it down like me. Silly puppy.

Behr Behr , Dad’s hiking/exploring/raccoon chasing puppy:)

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