So, after working for Mr. Trumpcard for like 15 years (in dog years, that is), I finally bought my own jet. Boy was I happy to quit THAT job!!! I hated wearing all of those silly wigs. I think wearing the fake hair made my REAL hair so sad it let go of  it’s pretty black color. That’s why it’s gray now.

Behr Jet Framed

Behr’s private jet

Nice, isn’t it?

I had decided my first stop would be Nepal because that’s where my mom and dad met. For real. Also, after going to over 32 countries, Oscar was going there too and I wanted to meet him.

Sadly, Oscar didn’t get to go, but his mom, Joanne Lefson, found a new dog named Rupee and took him to Mt. Everest.  That story even made me cry puppy tears. He is THE CUTEST dog ever!!!

Mom told me a funny story about when she was camping in Nepal. One night she saw eyes of a big animal blinking at her IN her tent. She thought maybe it was a tiger. She and her friend laughed when they saw it was just a stray dog wanting to sleep in their tent with them.

It wasn’t Rupee because he wasn’t born yet. Now Mom sleeps with a dog in her tent all the time. That would be ME, of course.

I always sleep with my eyes covered, so if she shines her flashlight at me she can’t see my eyes. 🙂 Someday it would be fun to dress up in a tiger costume and scare her when we’re camping. Ha ha!

As I packed, I was remembering how much fun I had when we visited the snow as a little puppy.

Behr puppy digging in snow

Snow was fun, but was I always cold because Mom only dressed me in a jacket with no pants, so my butt and tail were always freezing.  Hmmm, I noticed humans never run around in the snow with only a jacket on.

My first stop was Alaska, to train with the Snow Dogs ’cause they’re pros at hiking long distance in the freezing cold snow. You’ll notice THEIR moms dress them in full length fur coats though. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the globe trotting snow puppy 🙂