After packing all of my stuff, Mom, Dad and I all jumped into my private jet and took off for my new life of adventure. No more staying at home staring at grass and squirrels and confining walls.  Freedom!

First we zipped up to Alaska for a quick visit with the Snow Dogs who like to race in the snow. I even got my own fur jacket to wear so I didn’t look half naked anymore (SO embarrassing!!) Here’s a photo with my new Alaskan friends 🙂

Snow Dogs Framed

Then it was back to New York because everyone who travels the world takes off from New York. At least that’s what my friend Wuki down the street told me we had to do.

My favorite part was the statue of Liberty From Leashes 🙂  Now THAT lady knows how a dog is supposed to live!

Freedom from Leashes Framed


The next morning, I woke up and looked outside.  Yippee! Snow!

Behr looking at snow framed

I found out there was a catch to this snow adventure. Mom put these silly boots on my feet. I refused to put all 4 feet on the ground with them on. Sometimes I think Mom and Dad dream up things like this to do to me just for laughs. They kept taking pictures and videos and laughing until they were crying. I was NOT laughing.

I’m not a circus animal, you know.

Circus Act

We jumped in our 4 wheel drive and started off for the mountains. Mom kept taking pictures of the temperature on the car thermometer. It was getting colder and colder as we drove. Burrr. Doesn’t this just make you shiver? (yes, that’s 11 degrees below zero F)

11 below zero

We spent a few nights camping to get used to the altitude and temperature. Ha! Right. No one gets used to THAT kind of temperature!

Mom and Dad had nice warm down sleeping bags. I am a princess puppy, so I had 2 jackets, one of them heated. On top of that, I had a heated bed and tons of sleeping bags piled on top of me.

In the middle of the night, I got up to walk ’round and ’round in circles to pack down the snow, and plopped back down. That’s when I realized my legs weren’t tucked in anymore.

I was getting cold, so I tucked my legs under mom’s sleeping bag REAL gently, so she wouldn’t know it. My solution to the “cold leg” problem was working well until I dreamed I was doing zoomie runs in the snow again. Oooops.

My mom freaked out when she woke up to my legs running under her sleeping bag! She wasn’t very happy with me.  I reminded her it was better than waking up with a strange dog in the tent like last time. (see previous post)

Here’s a photo of me in the mts., taken real quick because I was freezing and just wanted to go back to the warm tent.

Mom didn’t even pick me up and hold me like Rupee’s mom did.

Behr at Mt. Everest Framed

After this freezing adventure, I decided the next stop was going to be warm.

Next stop….Egypt.

♥ Behr Behr, the burrrrrrd dog. 🙂