Shhhh…Behr’s mom here. I’m hijacking her blog to show you what I think is a moment of cuteness.

I’m pretty sure she would be embarrassed and wouldn’t want you to see this.

Here’s a secret about Behr Behr. She absolutely can not go to sleep without something in her mouth. She and her sister, Sage, have done this their whole lives. They also have to hold their toys or blankets between their legs.

Anyhow, I thought this was so cute because she wore herself out playing and then fell asleep with her leopard toy in her mouth.

I guess I should add that afterward she tore the poor leopard’s head off, as usual.


Cuddles with leopard

Our puppies are such angels when they’re sleeping, aren’t they? (even if they were rascals all day…)

Does anybody else have a puppy who does this, or is it just ours?

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂