After eating an entire pyramid in Egypt, I was pretty full during our flight to China.  After I ate it, the Food and Drug administration in America asked my permission to change our food pyramid to a plate. I thought it was brilliant, and gave them my approval. I wish they would have named it “Behr’s plate” though, instead of just “my plate.”

On second thought, MY plate is mainly meat, with some veggies, fruit, yogurt and stuff added. They can have their own plate.

Before our plane landed, word had gotten out that Behr Behr, the Puppy Princess was arriving. The  people of China surprised me with a Chinese princess wardrobe, in my size. So nice of them!

China Princess Behr

Don’t I look great in these colors?

Of course we saw the most famous sites in China, including the “Great Wall of China.”

I was a bit disappointed when I found out that all of the china was empty. I was getting hungry and dreaming of china bowls filled with chicken everywhere.

Great Wall of China

At one point, I was so hungry I dressed like a farm worker and went into the rice paddies to grab a snack.

Behr harvesting rice in China


Don’t they have a Great Wall of Chicken anywhere?


♥ Princess Kung Fu Behr Behr

P.S.- I also learned something important while I was here.

You can’t eat karate chops. Sorry, I thought they were something like lamb chops and pork chops.

They laughed when I tried to order them in a restaurant.