Well, continuing on with my world tour *, the next stop was Australia. So nice of the Australians to announce my impending arrival in their newspaper 🙂

Newspaper Headlines Framed



We only had a brief stop, so the main thing I wanted to see was the Great Barrier Reef.

The first thing I did was rent a sailboat to sail around the reef, so we could get a great view. Of course, being a puppy princess, I had to add the royal touch to the sail 🙂

Behr on Sail BoatFramed

By the time we got to the Great Barrier Reef, all I could think about was lunch. We Great Danes think about food all the time, you know.

I was so hungry I could eat a shark, but Mom said I wasn’t allowed to eat one. I think she was just worried about the bones or something.

Even the boat was even starting to look edible after a while. I was thinking “banana boat” and drooling. Sea gulls flew by, and they started looking like flying chickens to me. 

Needless to say, when we FINALLY got to the reef, this is all I could see….

Great Barrier Reef of Bee Framedf

 That’s right, it became the Great Barrier Reef of Beef, and I wanted to eat the whole thing. Mom caught me just about to jump in and ordered the boat to sail back to shore. Darn, almost had it.

She was my “great barrier” keeping me from that yummy beef.

I guess the Aussies are lucky I didn’t eat their landmark like I ate the pyramid in Egypt.

So after finally eating, we jumped back on my jet and flew all night to get to France. I need an after dinner nap, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that story.

See ya in Paris! 

♥Princess Reef Beef, um, I mean Behr Behr. (sorry, I’m still thinking about it)


*Story started in March 2014. You can read how this all started here.