After an all night flight to France, we landed and had a beautiful breakfast in Paris. Yummy! 

As we were just finishing breakfast, a cart went by with a Dane like me pulling it. The man riding in the cart was fairly large, and the poor dog looked so tired 😦

Devin pulling cart with man

(I hid the man’s face so he wouldn’t feel real embarassed)

Then this Dane, whose name was Devin, glanced my way. OMD!!! It was love at first sight!!

Love at first sight

I thought he was absolutely gorgeous, and of course I just HAD to introduce myself to him!  I called out to him, and he broke loose and ran to my table. 

Since he lived in Paris, he showed me around. He was so romantic, and treated me like the princess that I am.

Behr and Devin at Eiffell

Everything about Devin was perfect. I found out that he had been an amazing model and had won tons of awards before the economy slowed down.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his name even rhymes with “Heaven.” 

Devin framed

I was sure that he and I would get married and live happily ever after. I could picture us eating lots and lots of food and taking naps in the sun together.

That’s when Devin told me that he got a new job in a meat store with “all you can eat” lunches as a perk. The job also came with nap breaks and a gym for zoomie runs so he could stay in top shape. 

Are you SERIOUS ?!?! He was leaving me for a job in a meat store?!?!

So, I left Paris with my heart broken. In fact, it was so broken I decided to just cancel the rest of my world tour and go back home.

Of course, I could always hope he would change his mind and come join me.  For dinner would be nice, or even for snacks. 

He would have to bring his own, though, since I’m not going to share.

Devin in Paris framed

♥ Behr Behr with a broken ♥ (of course I can be easily distracted with some yummy snacks…)