Continuing on with my world tour *story, I was pretty sad after Devin ditched me started his new job in the meat store.

Devin memories

I went for a walk and thought about things for a while.

Behr Looking at Lake framed


Yes, I would miss him a lot.

Well, it was time to move on. I climbed back on my private jet to head home. Besides, I was hungry and remembered I had a freezer full of my favorite snacks at home just waiting for me. Just thinking about it made me start drooling. πŸ™‚

Behr Jet Framed

This nice lady greeted me when my plane was landing.

Welcome Home Behr Framedr

I think she wasn’t smiling because she had to wear that silly green dress thing and an ugly crown with sharp things on it. I remember when I was embarrassed to be seen wearing something weird.

As soon as we landed, news stations and magazines started to call asking for interviews about my travels . I finally agreed to one interview for a travel magazine.

Travel Magazine - Conte Nast

Can you even believe what they did to my face?!?Β  I have an “October” eyebrow on one side, and my nose is in India!! If that weren’t bad enough, they insulted me further by putting the word “elephant” on my face!! They even wrote “Wish you were here?” on my backpack. How ridiculous. No one wishes they were in my backpack.

That’s the last magazine interview I’m ever going to do!

I decided maybe I should go somewhere quiet for a while and do some soul searching.

Of course, I started by getting my nose out of India and getting hitchhikers out of my backpack πŸ™‚

β™₯ Behr Behr, the October Indian Elephant.Β  NOT. πŸ™‚

*(in case you are just joining me for the first time, you can read how this all started here)