After arriving back home,* I was trying to decide what to do with my life next.  I looked up at the stars and asked for a sign to let me know what I should do.

The next day, I was going for a walk, and I got my sign!

Sign - paws and reflect framed

Reflect? Did that mean I needed to stare at a mirror all day?

Ok, then I got the message. I just needed to go away and think and do some soul searching, but where?

That’s when I remembered learning about nuns when I was a puppy, and how they live in a quiet place and wear funny hats.  If you want to know why I was even reading about nuns, that story is found here.

So, that’s how I became a nun for a little while.

Behr as a Nun Framed

At least I didn’t have to wear the pointy hat.

Once I was at the nun place, I started having strange things happen.  For example, there was the day I was walking in the park and a puppy ran up to me holding a sign in it’s mouth. 

Home is framed

Wow, another sign! 

Home is where my friends are??  Which friends, I wondered. That night I had a dream that I was in a cave looking at caveman drawings. One of the drawings had these words on it:

Blog friends

When I saw that drawing, I felt a deep ache in my heart. It’s true, I did miss all of my friends from my blog. In fact, it made me cry because I missed you all so much. You guys really DO rock!

I think the blogosphere is like a giant, virtual dog park where we can all get together and play and tell stories. That’s way more fun than any world travel ever was.

I headed home, unpacked my computer, and re-hired my old secretary. Oops, I should point out that I didn’t mean to say that she is old, just that she’s the one I had a long time ago. If I don’t fix that, she won’t work for me anymore. Geesh. Picky, picky. 

By the way, cats are allowed at my blog too. I know some of you secretly read my blog anyhow. No problem.

Cat reading Behr book framed

So, lots to catch up on. My (old) secretary had better get busy! 

See ya at the (virtual) dog park!

♥ Behr Behr, rockin’ it in the park with my friends 🙂

*(if you are wondering what in the heck I’m talking about, this story started here: