So many fun places I’ve been to in the U.S.A. that I don’t know where to start! In coming posts, I’ll tell you about the other fun things I do when I’m not traveling.

Mom and Dad are nice because they usually take me places with lots of bear stuff around, and with forests and mountains to play in.

Now that you know that, you’ll understand why I wasn’t so happy when we went somewhere that only had space dogs and fish.  Things started out OK when we arrived at our cabin near the lake.

lake framed

We took lots of fun walkies and watched the ducks and had picnics. There’s one thing missing on the table, though- my bowl. Actually, I mean my bowl full of food. (who wants an empty bowl?)

Behr by small lake framed   There were also pretty fish to look at near the cabin.

fish framed

Everything was going super well, until the strange gray dogs starting showing up.

Racoon 1framed

First there was just this one, taunting me by bringing his lunch and eating right in front of me.  (that’s not my food ’cause I eat raw stuff) 

4 racoons framed

Then he brought three of his friends the next time.  I want you to notice how he looked at me and laughed.  I really didn’t think this was funny. 

I went back inside the cabin to take a nap and get away from them, but all I dreamed about was food. 

bowl framed

Things got even worse the next day when the gray dog and his entire family had dinner right in my view. It was making me hungry, but Mom and Dad said I had to wait for my own dinner. 😦

6 racoons framed

It’s obvious they are bad guys because they are wearing those black masks on their faces.

I’m pretty sure they were from outer space since I’ve never seen their kind around before. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have any manners.  Just look at how they shovel the food into their mouths!!


Racoons eating from Behr Behr on Vimeo.



When we got home, I had nightmares about the masked space dogs stealing my food and laughing.

raccoon in space framed

It’s more fun to play with nice puppies, like you. At least you don’t wear masks and do mean things.

β™₯ Behr Behr, the nice BLACK dog from Earth:)

Note from Behr’s mom- Don’t worry, Behr didn’t really eat any of the fish. That was just her silly dream.

Also, we were not the ones providing the raccoons with food, and didn’t think it was at all wise. They got their food from another cabin.

Funny story– before I got Behr, I lived in the mountains and had a gray and black cat.

One day I thought he came in his little door and was munching on his food right behind me. I was busy, but talking away to him as usual. When I turned around to pet him, I was shocked to see that it was a raccoon with the same coloring πŸ™‚ I also woke up to one walking on my bed headboard before!

The joys of living in the forest πŸ™‚

(**note: SPECIAL THANKS to Walter and Millie’s mom at “Bird Brains and Dog Tails” blog for help with the video!! Please visit their website. There is a link on my friends list)