The three things we decide on when we’re going to the forest are:

which forest

which crate we are going to stay in

and what food to take.

I’m not sure why it takes Mom and Dad so long to pack everything, since that’s all I think they have to do.

I sit by the door and cry because it’s taking them a million years to finish.

*I love crates! 

When Mom and Dad brought me to our home as a puppy, I walked in the door, saw a crate and immediately went and jumped in. They took a picture of that moment. Don’t I look cozy?

Behr cuddled in kennel framed

At night they had to close the door because I liked to get up and shred anything soft.

I got caught on camera one night, unfortunately. Busted!

midnight-caper framed

Eventually I behaved at night and started sleeping on my bed. 

I also have a soft crate for when we go to dog contests. I like that one too. 

soft crate framed

We also have a bunch of FAMILY crates. The big hard crate that I live in is called a “home.”

When we go to the forest, we take one of our family sized soft crates.

When I still ripped things up, I slept in a hard crate in our big soft crate.

Here’s what that looked like..

crate in big tent framed

The family crate is better because I can snuggle with Mom and Dad.

We use a big crate if we’re going to stay in one spot in the forest, and a smaller one when we are going to keep moving around to new places.

Here’s what’s scary. All of our crates used to be big, but on this trip I discovered the small one had SHRUNKEN! My room is much smaller than when I was a puppy!

My room is named “vestibule.” I’m not sure why it has a name, since our rooms at home don’t have names.

Behr in mt. hardware tent framed

Anyway, we were cozy together in the shrunken tent while in the far away place called Oregon. It was cold outside, but we were nice and warm.That made me a very happy camper.

The best part of the trip was all of our walking on trails, though. Lots of waterfalls to play in and squirrels to watch. More on that tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, you can start singing the old Roy Rogers song, “Happy Trails” to get ready.

β™₯ Behr Behr, the happy camper πŸ™‚

*P.S.- Ha! I guess that makes me a “Crate” Dane! πŸ™‚