While we were on vacation in the far away place called “Oregon” we hiked on lots and lots and lots of trails.

You know, I think humans believe we dogs just walk along with no absolutely no thoughts in our heads. How silly!! Our minds are quite busy!

For example, I do a lot of sniffing when we walk because I’m gathering information about who/what was on each trail.

Behr sniffing bushes framed

I’m actually writing a travel guide for dogs that will be called,”Makes Scents to Me”, based on the information that I’ve collected. 

I don’t think Mom knows what I’m doing, since she tells people it’s like walking a vacuum, ’cause my head is glued to the ground. Really, I’m really working hard.

 Another thing I do is listen to what Mom and Dad are talking about. I’m always trying to increase my vocabulary.

When I don’t understand a word or phrase, I store it away until I do. 

That means a lot of times what I hear is stuff like, “Blah blah blah blah BEHR. Blah blah FOOD. Blah blah blah WALK blah DOG blah PLAY blah blah TOYS.”

Then every once in a while, I suddenly understand a phrase I’ve heard before. For example, on the trails we hiked, there were a lot of bridges. 

Behr on bridge framed

On one bridge, I remembered Dad says, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there”, and suddenly I understood what he meant. When we came to the bridge, sure enough we crossed it.

One of the bridges we walked across actually had a cover, and a light bulb went on in my head as I remembered hearing Mom say, “No worries, we’ve got that one covered.” OH, she means a covered bridge! 

covered bridge framed

As we walked along the trail beside a creek, I realized when Dad says something about being “Up a creek without a paddle” he means one of these creeks.

creek framed

Of course we didn’t have any paddles with us. In fact, we didn’t bring our raft either. I guess that’s what he says when he realizes he forgot our raft.

Wow, I’m learning so much on this trip!!

Of course, we saw about 596 waterfalls as we hiked.

Waterfall 1 framed

waterfall 2 framed

Don’t worry, we won’t put all of those pictures on my blog. Mom can get her own blog if she wants to do that. I let her post those two because she types this for me.

When I’m walking, I’m also watching out for other animals. You never know when one will cross our path, like the squirrel that was taunting me from the tree.

Behr with tree framed

If you think your humans also believe you walk along with an empty mind, here’s a little tip for you. Just scroll back up to the phrase above, “You know, I think humans believe we dogs just walk along with no absolutely no thoughts in our heads.”  Then walk away from the computer, kind of “accidentally on purpose” (if you know what I mean) leaving the computer on so that they will read this. 

I think after they do, they will feel embarrassed. Then they will start bending down to look you in the eye and talking verrrrry slowly, like they do when talking to older humans who can’t hear very well.

That’s a lot better than if they continue to talk right over your head and pretend you don’t understand. They’re only kidding themselves, and you can help them get rid of this bad habit. It’s our job to try our best to train them.

Until next time, stay safe… “It’s a jungle out there!” He he he.


Behr on trail framed


♥ Behr Behr, your trail guide 🙂