I’ve asked Mom to help me write my blog again because I miss all of my friends in the blogosphere. I HAD to ask for help because it’s too hard for me to type with my paws 🙂 Could somebody please invent a keyboard for dogs!?

Mom and I went through some REALLY scary and difficult things since I last wrote to you. BUT…we’re still here together! So, it was only natural that we come back as a team this time.

I have survived being poisoned, partially paralyzed, major toxins and more. Whew! I told you it’s been “RUFF.” Amazingly, Mom had similar things happen. Since it’s my blog, though, we’ll mainly talk about HOW I survived all of these. Mom can start her own blog if she wants to talk about her stuff in detail.

Hey, have you ever realized what a scary word “detail” is?? I’d sure be scared to lose MY tail!!?? Nothing like a de-tailed dog.

I also have GOOD things to tell you about!!! In spite of all of the above, I’ve won LOTS of titles in a dog competition called “nosework”, and I’m the 1st Great Dane to do so. WooHoo!!! I showed them just how SMART Great Danes can be!!!

As for my age, I’m going to be >>> 11 <<< in a few weeks. People stop us where ever we go and are absolutely STUNNED when they hear my age. One vet we saw said he had never even seen a Dane my age before. It’s even more amazing that I’m this healthy and active after my little… um…calamities.

Mom suggested our comeback title be “Team Phoenix” to describe us.

Hmmm.We’ve been to Phoenix before, and I don’t see anything that resembles us there.

Phoenix City Framed

(Photo by DGustafson Photo via Good Free Photos)

Oh, wait! Maybe she’s talking about her favorite flashlight in the whole world…a Fenix PD35. Of course! The flashlight that saved us from the mountain lion! (but that’s a different story for later) My mom is a bit of a flashlight geek. She always has to have the best,newest, brightest and so on. {Note from Behr’s mom to FENIX- if you’re reading this, please feel free to send me prototypes to test!!}

Fenix Flashlight framed

They ARE really handy when we’re camping or hiking. Helps her find my toys and snacks in the dark, and important things like that

Even though that sounded like it fit, she said we are “team phoenix” because of some silly bird that rises from the ashes of a fire.

Phoenix bird framed

(https://pixabay.com/en/phoenix-bird-fire-bright-red-swing-1440452/ Creative Commons photos)

That sounds pretty goofy to me. I wouldn’t ever even lie down in ashes because they are messy and I don’t like the heat at all. I guess if I were a phoenix bird, I’d be happy to fly away from the ashes too.

So, we’re back and telling you all about our adventures AND about the things we’ve learned that have kept me healthy through everything. I’ll write about the adventures (or misadventures…) and Mom about the health stuff.

♥ Behr Behr, the (Phoenix) Bird Dog (not)


Hi. Behr Behr’s mom here. So glad you’ve joined us on the blog. I’ll be writing about how I’ve had to abandon my criticism of alternative medicine (after spending my whole career working in standard Western medicine), and admit that alternative can actually work. How humbling and eye-opening that has been for me.

Yet, it is because of Behr Behr that I have been sent on a major research journey discovering what I can do to save her live and maintain her health. I only wish I had learned earlier what I now know. 

I’ll be adding in the health, detox, and mountains of research comments during our comeback. Hope you’ll join us, even if that’s not your current interest.