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I was pretty surprised when I saw the cat on the elevator sign (yesterday’s post). Can you believe Mom and I saw another funny elevator sign?

At least this sign had a dog on it.

elevator sign framed 2

I’m pretty sure this one was for:

1. Couples (with no animals)

2. Dog owners who like to sit on big rocks

elevator sign framed

Mom usually sits on a big rocks when we take a break during hikes. When we stop by a rock, I know it means time for water and snacks. Yippee!

You can tell that the dog on the sign is expecting a snack from his human (sitting on the rock). I wonder if they were hiking too?

So, since Mom sits on rocks and has me as her dog, we got to use this elevator. I’m glad we found one that we were allowed to use.

P.S.-There were no bossy cats anywhere around, either.

♥Behr Behr, the upwardly mobile dog 🙂


It’s so hot where we live that I’m always happy when Mom and Dad decide to go visit the mountains.

Even if I have to put up with their fascination for fake bears.

Yes, once again we’ve gone to a cabin that’s full of bear stuff. I really don’t get it, since they have a REAL Behr…ME!

This one was up high in the living room, and I thought he looked kind of creepy.

Bear on swing framed

I’m wasn’t sure if he was laughing at me, or showing me his fangs.

The fake bears were everywhere, so I mainly stayed outside so I didn’t have to look at them. I kept watch though, in case more tried to come in the yard. 

Behr at cabin framed

I was in “sniff heaven” around the cabin, since lots of wild animals pass through there at night.

Behr sniffing around lake framed

When I got tired of sniffing, it was fun to watch the ducks flying down to the lake and playing in the water. I’ve been a bird watcher since I was a tiny pup.

Behr by lake framed

What do you mean I wasn’t supposed to shred the bed in this dog house? Didn’t the owners tell us to “make ourselves at home?” Well, I did.

Behr on porch framed

Outside wasn’t totally free of the pretend bears, though. There was a big one on the porch, unfortunately.

Mom wanted to take a picture of us together, as if we were friends or something!   Notice how we won’t even look at her at all, and I refused to sit totally down and look natural.

The fake bear kept trying to get out of the picture, so they had to tie him down. 

Behr with bear framed

In spite of the phoney bears, I thought the trip to the cabin was a happy one. Even the trees are happy around there! 

tree framed

I heard Mom say something about their bark, but I never heard them make a sound. Silly trees.

♥ Behr Behr, the REAL bear 🙂


I love summer ’cause Mom and Dad take me to the beach to practice my gymnastics moves.  We go to a special beach that is only for dogs without leashes.

One of the differences between the dog beach and human beach is that the dog beach has pebbles everywhere for us to jump over. Makes you quick on your feet, you know?

The beach for humans only has sand, so people don’t learn to walk very well at beaches. That’s why you see them falling down when they play. Dogs never fall down when they play.

Here I am practicing my flying leap. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

flying leap framed

This is  me hopping on my back feet only..

hop on back legs framed

After a lot of practice, I could hop on only ONE back foot..

hopping on one foot framed

Eventually, I got really brave and tried hopping on only one front foot..

hop on one foot framed

I can even walk on my front feet only, which is much harder than hopping. I takes a whole lot more muscles.

Because I’m not quite as good at this yet, I did cheat and use a stick for balance.

walk on front legs only framed

My final trick that I practiced was hopping with only my left feet! Impressive, isn’t it?

I wonder if I have a Lipizzan Stallion in my bloodline somewhere?

hop on left feet only framed

Whew, after that workout, I was dog tired. 

Tired Behr framed

I don’t think my tongue has hung out that far in ages! 

You can tell by my nice slim figure that my workouts really pay off. I feel pretty confident prancing around the beach in my toned beach body. 

I thought I’d let you know the secret for my nice figure, even at my age. No cosmetic surgery here.

Actually, I don’t even wear cosmetics, so I don’t know why I would need to have surgery to remove them anyhow.

♥ Behr Behr, the Baywatch Bear

Before I start telling you my story, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, America!

Wow, you are 238 years old! Good thing you’re not a dog, ’cause then you’d be 1666 years old. 

4th of July 2014

Well, we’re back from our vacation, I think. I never really know when we might take off again. 

We went lots of places, so it will take me a few posts to tell you about my fun travels, otherwise, this post would be super duper long and you might fall asleep reading it.

This trip actually started because of me. For real. Two things I LOVE to do are sniffing for fun smells, and guarding everything.

Behr sniffing by lake

I love sniffing so MUCH that I actually compete with other doggies to see who can find things the fastest. I’ve won several titles playing this game, but I’ll tell you the details on that in a later post. You can read a little about these games I play here and my first title win here in the meantime.

The other thing I do all day long is guard everything. If I’m not outside, I’m looking out of windows to keep an eye on everyone in my neighborhood. If they get to close to my house, I let them know.

Behr in our window

My hackles are up in this picture because a dog dared to walk to close to my house. I let him know (loudly) that he was not allowed in my neighborhood because I own the whole thing.

Behr in our window 2


I love guarding our hotel room by watching from the window. It’s pretty fun to scare people this way. Just so you know, it’s also really fun to scare cleaning people who forget to knock. Bwahaha 🙂

Behr in hotel window

I guard our tent when we are in the forest too.

Behr guarding tent

So, because I’m good at these, I thought I got invited to guard the whole nation. I know you’re laughing, but keep reading.

Oregon National Guard

I was invited to the National Guard in a state a million miles away, called Oregon. 

Behr at national guard

But, I found out I was there to find a bunch of things hidden in the facility. The only thing I got to guard was our truck, sadly. I really was hoping I could make the whole country my territory to guard. 

Unfortunately, I discovered this silly Oregon place has huge rain storms that can show up suddenly and do scarey things. Usually Mom sets up a cozy area for her and Dad to hang out and have food, drinks, and chat with other people. She never got to finish, though.

truck at national guard

She had only gotten the shelter set up between our truck and trailer, and gotten chairs out when raindrops the size of cow pies started falling. Seriously. I know how big cow pies are, and  I also know what they taste like.

Mom got in the back of the truck with me to let me know things were ok, when the E-Z up crashed into the truck and flew away. That scared me.

So, after all of that, I really wasn’t in the mood to go find things anymore. Also, I was cold and really just wanted to snuggle in my blankies and listen to the rain with Mom petting me.

OK, so I didn’t win the contest, BUT if it hadn’t been for me, Mom and Dad wouldn’t have gotten to have their vacation in a fun new place. That’s how I see it, anyhow. Besides, I know if I win this last title, I’ll have to quit playing this hide-n-seek game with my friends, and I don’t want to.

This is what family is all about. I convince them to go to new places where my games are, and then they take me exploring the nearby areas. It works out great.

Stay tuned for stories of the exploring we did afterward.

♥ Behr Behr, (almost) national guard dog 🙂

I just have to tell you a silly story about my parents. Two things make this story so funny to me.

1- After this trip, they wondered if was a bad idea to have named me “Behr” (which is German for bear, if you wondered) and

2- For some reason they thought I had become a blonde or something, and it caused people to panic and rush back to their cars. I don’t get it. In fact, the whole day was just plain weird.

Here’s how it all began.  We went on a really cool trip for my mom’s work.

She and Dad love bear stuff, so naturally we got a cabin with bear things all over it. (again) I don’t know why they bother, since they have a real live Behr, but oh well.


room framed



Brown arrows are where their eyes look when we walk in, and the red paw print is where mine look.


Behr with basket framed


I rushed right to the area my eyes were focused on and found this nice basket of goodies just for me! I like this cabin already!


Lake  framed


It was a great place by a lake. While Mom was in her conference each day, Dad and I took hikes around the lake. Very cool.


lake 1 framed

Behr by lake framed


At night, we ate at fun places where dogs could go. There were bears everywhere, but they were fake.


Bears outside framed


Some of the fake bears even tried to break into the restaurant. I get in trouble when I try things like that. I can’t even get into the trash can around our house!

So all of that was the normal part of our trip.

Stay tuned to hear about the day when my mom and dad suddenly acted really weird and scared people by saying I was a blonde.  I really don’t know why they do stuff like that, but it keeps my life interesting. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the REAL bear, who doesn’t break into restaurants. Or trash cans.

Well, continuing on with my world tour *, the next stop was Australia. So nice of the Australians to announce my impending arrival in their newspaper 🙂

Newspaper Headlines Framed



We only had a brief stop, so the main thing I wanted to see was the Great Barrier Reef.

The first thing I did was rent a sailboat to sail around the reef, so we could get a great view. Of course, being a puppy princess, I had to add the royal touch to the sail 🙂

Behr on Sail BoatFramed

By the time we got to the Great Barrier Reef, all I could think about was lunch. We Great Danes think about food all the time, you know.

I was so hungry I could eat a shark, but Mom said I wasn’t allowed to eat one. I think she was just worried about the bones or something.

Even the boat was even starting to look edible after a while. I was thinking “banana boat” and drooling. Sea gulls flew by, and they started looking like flying chickens to me. 

Needless to say, when we FINALLY got to the reef, this is all I could see….

Great Barrier Reef of Bee Framedf

 That’s right, it became the Great Barrier Reef of Beef, and I wanted to eat the whole thing. Mom caught me just about to jump in and ordered the boat to sail back to shore. Darn, almost had it.

She was my “great barrier” keeping me from that yummy beef.

I guess the Aussies are lucky I didn’t eat their landmark like I ate the pyramid in Egypt.

So after finally eating, we jumped back on my jet and flew all night to get to France. I need an after dinner nap, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that story.

See ya in Paris! 

♥Princess Reef Beef, um, I mean Behr Behr. (sorry, I’m still thinking about it)


*Story started in March 2014. You can read how this all started here.



After packing all of my stuff, Mom, Dad and I all jumped into my private jet and took off for my new life of adventure. No more staying at home staring at grass and squirrels and confining walls.  Freedom!

First we zipped up to Alaska for a quick visit with the Snow Dogs who like to race in the snow. I even got my own fur jacket to wear so I didn’t look half naked anymore (SO embarrassing!!) Here’s a photo with my new Alaskan friends 🙂

Snow Dogs Framed

Then it was back to New York because everyone who travels the world takes off from New York. At least that’s what my friend Wuki down the street told me we had to do.

My favorite part was the statue of Liberty From Leashes 🙂  Now THAT lady knows how a dog is supposed to live!

Freedom from Leashes Framed


The next morning, I woke up and looked outside.  Yippee! Snow!

Behr looking at snow framed

I found out there was a catch to this snow adventure. Mom put these silly boots on my feet. I refused to put all 4 feet on the ground with them on. Sometimes I think Mom and Dad dream up things like this to do to me just for laughs. They kept taking pictures and videos and laughing until they were crying. I was NOT laughing.

I’m not a circus animal, you know.

Circus Act

We jumped in our 4 wheel drive and started off for the mountains. Mom kept taking pictures of the temperature on the car thermometer. It was getting colder and colder as we drove. Burrr. Doesn’t this just make you shiver? (yes, that’s 11 degrees below zero F)

11 below zero

We spent a few nights camping to get used to the altitude and temperature. Ha! Right. No one gets used to THAT kind of temperature!

Mom and Dad had nice warm down sleeping bags. I am a princess puppy, so I had 2 jackets, one of them heated. On top of that, I had a heated bed and tons of sleeping bags piled on top of me.

In the middle of the night, I got up to walk ’round and ’round in circles to pack down the snow, and plopped back down. That’s when I realized my legs weren’t tucked in anymore.

I was getting cold, so I tucked my legs under mom’s sleeping bag REAL gently, so she wouldn’t know it. My solution to the “cold leg” problem was working well until I dreamed I was doing zoomie runs in the snow again. Oooops.

My mom freaked out when she woke up to my legs running under her sleeping bag! She wasn’t very happy with me.  I reminded her it was better than waking up with a strange dog in the tent like last time. (see previous post)

Here’s a photo of me in the mts., taken real quick because I was freezing and just wanted to go back to the warm tent.

Mom didn’t even pick me up and hold me like Rupee’s mom did.

Behr at Mt. Everest Framed

After this freezing adventure, I decided the next stop was going to be warm.

Next stop….Egypt.

♥ Behr Behr, the burrrrrrd dog. 🙂


So, after working for Mr. Trumpcard for like 15 years (in dog years, that is), I finally bought my own jet. Boy was I happy to quit THAT job!!! I hated wearing all of those silly wigs. I think wearing the fake hair made my REAL hair so sad it let go of  it’s pretty black color. That’s why it’s gray now.

Behr Jet Framed

Behr’s private jet

Nice, isn’t it?

I had decided my first stop would be Nepal because that’s where my mom and dad met. For real. Also, after going to over 32 countries, Oscar was going there too and I wanted to meet him.

Sadly, Oscar didn’t get to go, but his mom, Joanne Lefson, found a new dog named Rupee and took him to Mt. Everest.  That story even made me cry puppy tears. He is THE CUTEST dog ever!!!

Mom told me a funny story about when she was camping in Nepal. One night she saw eyes of a big animal blinking at her IN her tent. She thought maybe it was a tiger. She and her friend laughed when they saw it was just a stray dog wanting to sleep in their tent with them.

It wasn’t Rupee because he wasn’t born yet. Now Mom sleeps with a dog in her tent all the time. That would be ME, of course.

I always sleep with my eyes covered, so if she shines her flashlight at me she can’t see my eyes. 🙂 Someday it would be fun to dress up in a tiger costume and scare her when we’re camping. Ha ha!

As I packed, I was remembering how much fun I had when we visited the snow as a little puppy.

Behr puppy digging in snow

Snow was fun, but was I always cold because Mom only dressed me in a jacket with no pants, so my butt and tail were always freezing.  Hmmm, I noticed humans never run around in the snow with only a jacket on.

My first stop was Alaska, to train with the Snow Dogs ’cause they’re pros at hiking long distance in the freezing cold snow. You’ll notice THEIR moms dress them in full length fur coats though. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the globe trotting snow puppy 🙂


So, all of my crazy adventures started one day when Mom was at work and I was super bored. I was looking for dogs with more exciting lives than mine, when I found Oscar. Oscar got to go all around the world with his mom.  That’s when I decided I was going to be a globe-trotting Great Dane. Yippee!

First I had to get my own luggage. Mom said I would have to carry my own, so I got a backpack.

Behr with backpack on red

Then I found out that I couldn’t sit with Mom and Dad on the plane, and that I’d have to be shipped in a silly box. Are you serious? Boxes are for things like soap, macaroni and cheese. Do I look like mac and cheese to you? I didn’t think so.

Princess Behr Behr

So, this little puppy princess came up with a brilliant plan, as usual.

All I had to do was get a high paying job and buy my OWN plane.

Mom always said I needed to get a job anyhow. I admit, my first try  didn’t exactly work out, but I’m a lot more careful now.

That’s how I ended up being Donald Trumpcard’s top dog. I guess he wanted my help to become famous, and being seen with me was just the boost he needed.  It worked, of course, and now he is super well known. You’ve probably even heard of him, thanks to me.  🙂

Behr with Donald Trump

Stay tuned to the Behr Behr channel for more of my adventures.

♥ Behr Behr, the travelin’ Trump dog 🙂

Well, glad you asked! I’ve missed all of my friends in the blogsphere.

After my whirlwind tour of the world, I’m back with lots of fun stories of all of my adventures to keep you smiling. 🙂

If you are new here, glad you found us  somehow.

Here’s a sneak preview…

She's Back

Stay tuned.

Same blog, same fun-loving Behr Behr  🙂

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