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I’m so excited about this that it was hard for me to wait to show you!

My friends who have been reading this blog for quite some time are aware that one of my nicknames is the “Princess Puppy.” I really would prefer being called “her royal highness the Princess Puppy,” but so far my parents haven’t bought into that. (If you type the word “Princess” into the search box at the bottom of my blog, you can read some of the posts about my title.)

Anyhow, moving right along. Sometimes, like in the fairy tales, the person who is a princess didn’t start off as a princess, like the story of Cinderella, or even maybe Princess Diana. Maybe they wished deep inside their hearts that one day they would grow up and become one. [OK, for guys, that would be like the little boy who was ignored by his family or thought of as “stupid” by his friends growing up to the the CEO of a large corporation where everyone looked up to him.] That’s kinda how my story goes….

Once upon a time, like in 2008, there was a little puppy named “Behr Behr.” Behr Behr had a wonderful fur mom who adored her and fawned over her tenderly. Then her fur mom, who’s name, coincidentally is “Magic”, entrusted her into the hands of her new parents that don’t have fur. They saw the beauty in her right away, and even began calling her “princess” as a small pup. They bought her lots of toys, took her on trips, and had a fun time with her. She loved (loves) her home with them.

There was one little glitch, tho. Everywhere she went, others would say, “what kind of dog is that?? She looks so funny”, which hurt her little puppy feelings.

She would think, “Well I’m a princess Dane puppy, silly people. Can’t you tell?” One little girl even called her a deer because of the white tape on her ears. Deer?!? This was getting embarrassing! Then there was the time the vet taped her ears so that she looked like the flying nun and she had to wear a disguise everytime she went anywhere.

Well, the little princess puppy’s parents started taking her to different vets to see if anyone could help her with her funny ears. Each time they went to a vet place, they would walk out saying, “No, not this one. This is not the one we could trust with our little Behr Behr.” It’s kind of like the prince trying the shoe on one girl after another until he found the right fit and knew he had “the one.” Finally, they went to a place called the “Arrow Animal Hospital” and met the vet named Dr. Vinod Jayani (Patel). He was wonderful indeed, and they knew they had found the one for Behr Behr.

Dr. Jayani fixed her funny ears that only stood half way, and everything went absolutely smoothly. The whole staff treated her like the princess that she was, and she liked them a whole bunch. In fact, she likes to go there.. They are all SO NICE to her, and she got the “royal treatment” she deserved every time she went there. This doctor is amazing, and everything he does is top notch! He turned the Yoda ears into beautiful Dane puppy princess ears!!!! Yippeee!!

THANK YOU Dr. Jayani !!!!!! You restored my dignity and made me beautiful again!!!!

Now everywhere that the Princess Behr Behr goes, people say, “Oh, what a beautiful dane puppy!” And now Behr Behr can hold her head high and be proud. Don’t you love the graceful new look of her ears now?

As a side note: Dr. Jayani did not even know I was going to thank him publicly like this in advance, so I was getting the same wonderful treatment he gives all of his dogs. He has done some amazing re-crops as well as original crops. His office and staff are totally outstanding, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Also, I was well taken care of so that I had minimal discomfort thoughout the whole ordeal. Mainly I had a lot of itching as the newly altered edges healed, but I had medicine to help with the itching even.

Now I’m mainly waiting for the hair to grow back on my ears, and I still have some tape so the tips won’t curl while they are getting used to their new shape. It was a little early to post the photos, but I couldn’t wait 🙂

♥ Princess Behr Behr, the one with beautiful princess ears now 🙂



A few days ago, I was reading Kathryn’s blog, 4urpets, where she mentioned the funny ways people had found her blog. Got my curiosity up, so I checked Behr’s blog to see the full list of search terms people had used when they found us. Behr Behr and I had to laugh at some of the ways people ended up on her blog!!! I wonder what they thought when they saw that it was a puppy blog? 🙂

Take a look at actual search terms used to find Behr Behr:

Dogs – OK, so that’s pretty general! I typed “dogs” into Google search, and it brings up 210,000,000 results, and they somehow choose my little Behr Behr’s blog! I feel honored. What’s even more amazing is that that term landed someone on her blog 3 times! What are the odds?????!

You Bet Your Fur – I can just picture someone walking into a gambling casino and plopping down a handful of fur, waiting for their turn at blackjack. I have no idea how Google connected that one to us.

Outside Water Games – Much less messy than the inside ones. Behr’s never gotten to play any, either way.

Dog’s Thumb – Something handy for dogs to have when they need to hitchhike somewhere. I do actually understand how that one connected us, tho, since Behr went thru a phase of sucking on her tail, and I did mention the word thumb in the post.

Princess Rides – She’s not big enough to give those yet, ‘cause she’s still a little puppy princess.

Behr Mine – No, actually she’s not yours. She’s all ours, and we like it that way.

Sissy Spa – Must have gotten us confused with Sissy over at 4urpets. I guess the person was trying to clarify that they didn’t want a manly spa or something.

Fix Flying Ears Dog – Yep, that’s a good idea so they don’t fly away. That’s why we cropped Behr Behr’s ears. Kinda like clipping the wings of a bird, you know? Nothing like a great dane that keeps flying out of the yard.

Golden Days Doggie Day Spa – Sounds like a great place for senior dogs!

My Parents Make Me Fat – First of all, I checked with Behr Behr and she doesn’t feel that way, and she never said that. Sounds like a personal problem. Regardless, reading a puppy’s blog is a great substitute for eating, so I’m glad we could help.

Mom Oops – It’s okay honey, I understand you made a boo boo. Thanks for apologizing.

Behr Grass – Becomes BARE grass after she gets a hold of it. It’s that digging thing of hers.

Bunch Rake Pictures – After we all finish raking the leaves, we take a pictures of the whole bunch of us together, holding our rakes. Behr included. It’s a Saturday ritual. NOT.

Who is a Nun? – I wonder what they thought when they found out that Behr is …”flying none”. Especially since we clipped those ears and grounded her.

Help with Great Danes Ears Falling – Each one cries, “Help I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” (for those readers not in the US, those are the words of a commercial on TV over here)

Funny Picture with Boxer Dog Pulling Someone – Hmmm. No boxers around here. Now I want to see the picture they were looking for.

Ear Taping Chihuahua –It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….a… Chihuahua??? Gosh, I can’t imagine trying to tape ears that small. I guess they fly away too.

And one of my favorites…

Hitting My Head with a Rake Picture – Hopefully they don’t have a big heavy frame on that thing. Go knock yourself out, buddy. Maybe even try a bunch rake picture for fun.

So, what terms have people found you with???


Behr Behr’s mom and typist 🙂



Well, since it’s a bit embarrassing to be looking like the flying nun, I
decided that I should go incognito whenever I’m out in public. For the time being, I’ll just have to wear my shades.  Only my closest
of friends (like you) will know my true identity.  It’s me, the puppy princess, and NO, I’m not the flying nun! 


Shhhhhh.  Don’t tell anybody it’s me, tho,  Ok?  Only you and I know my real identity.  The rest of the world can keep on thinking I’m that silly flying nun.


Behr Behr, the puppy princess, incognito.  Shhhhh.



I just don’t know what I’m going to do with my parents. I mean, I’m trying to be tolerant of their strange antics, but sometimes they really push it. Like today.

It was off to the vet place again, even tho I’m not sick. I heard them mention something about a pocket in my ear and something about collapsing or something. Who knows what that means. Ok, fine. So the vet person put some new tape on my ears to fix it. Whatever. If it makes them happy, I guess it’s ok.

Then we walk outside to the car and I notice that instead of people rushing up to me saying, “Oh what a cute puppy!! Can I pet her?” they were walking on the other side of the sidewalk like I had leprosy or something. I could hear them snickering. I began to get worried. Oh no, what have they done to me now?

There was whispering. Words like, “flying nun” and “Sally somebody or other.” Now I was REALLY worried. Was she even a great dane??


(photo source:

I got home and looked these words up on the internet and I did NOT like what I found!! When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified! And then there was the photo of the nuns on Wikipedia. Oh dear.


(nun photo source:

Now, notice what a cute , innocent face I have. Why would they dress me up like a nun? They don’t look happy either.

To “save face”, if you will, I had to practice trying to at least smile like this flying nun did. Frankly, I don’t think she looks real happy about the hat thing either, and the smile is rather weak. Kind of like mine.


(nun photo source: unknown)

The flying nun, huh? I don’t think so. I used to pretend I could fly, using my ears when I was real little, but not now. I’m more like the Flying None now.

♥ Behr Behr, AKA “flying none

Today mom had a serious little talk with us kids. Don’t worry, we aren’t in trouble or anything. On the contrary, we all felt very, very special when she was done talking to us.

She said that she and my dad were something called “show dogs”, and that that meant they were chosen for that because they were especially beautiful and intelligent. She said our grandparents and their parents and on up the family line were “show dogs” as well. She made sure that we knew that ALL of us were special to her and dad, whether we became “show dogs” or not. That made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

She said that what mattered most was that we loved our people when we get our new homes, and that we loved each other. That sounds easy enough! We already do love her and dad and each other quite a bit! She said that all of our homes were very carefully chosen, and would be ones where we were loved a whole, whole bunch. Wow! That made us all pretty excited about getting our new homes! (Ok, and our own food and toys…)

Anyhow, she told us how our family has won many, many show titles, both for our beauty and for our ability to obey commands and do all kinds of neat tricks. How fun that sounds! Then she asked us all if we saw any difference between her and dad and us little pups. Well that was easy…they’re REAL BIG! She said, “What else do you see that is different?” Some of us said, “OH! You get to play in the giant yard in the back all by yourselves!” She laughed and told us how cute we all were. We didn’t know what else could be different. I said, “Well I know then, some of us are blue like dad and some are black like you, mom!” Nope again. Gosh, none of us knew the answer then.

She bent her head down real close to us and said, “Look at my head and tell me what’ s different.” “Oh I know”, said my brother. “You have really big ears and we have funny looking little ones.” Mom smiled at us again. She sure looks pretty when she smiles at us like that with the gleam in her eyes. That look always melts my heart, you know?

Then she explained to us that those ears are special ears given to her by her human mom, (Kathleen) who is something called a “veterinarian.” Boy is THAT ever a big word for us to learn! Anyhow, it means that Kathleen is a doctor for dogs and other animals. She’s the one that gave us our shots that we didn’t really like. Ouchy! She’s really nice, though, (when she’s not giving us shots) and takes us to work with her every day. She takes us outside to play and feeds us, too.

So mom explained how most of us were going to be getting our big girl/big boy ears today (Wednesday) when we went to work with her and Kathleen. She explained all about how we would just go night night and when we wake up we’ll have the pretty ears. I guess they’re going to be a little sore for a few days, though. Oh well. Then we will have funny white tape on our ears for a lot of weeks until they could stand up like hers and dads. I think we’re going to look funny for a while, that’s what I think! 🙂 That’s ok, in the end we will be beautiful/handsome like our parents.

I just wanted you to know so that next time you see a picture of me, I’m gonna look funny. Sort of like a little black bear with white antenna. Grrrrr. Or maybe like a bull with horns, eh?

ToroToro! Behr

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