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Hover Dog flyin’ low….

flying low framed

Hover Dog doing gentle touch down….

gentle touch down framed

Hover Dog doing half hover….

half hover framed

Hover Dog taking off….

taking off framed

Hover dog landing….

hover dog landing framed

♥ Behr Behr, the Hover Dog 🙂


I’ve been learning some fun new things. Remember how I told you I love to pronk, like a gazelle? Well, this is really cool! I’ve figured out that if I slow myself down while in the air , and change the angle of my leap, I can actually HOVER!!!

Yipeeee! I’m an official Hover Dog  now! Those silly flying nun ears of mine make great wing flaps, too.

Check out my photos, and you’ll see I can hover at a pretty good altitude for a dane puppy. Maybe even as high as Falcor in the “Neverending Story”, but I’m cuter!! OK, so my landing is a little sloppy sometimes, but I’m still learning how to get the angle of my ear flaps correct for a smoother touchdown. Hey, I’m just a pup.

Actually, mom said I’m not supposed to be jumping around so much, but that maybe when I’m a little older I will be able to compete in jumping. Now THAT’S something I’d really like to do! Maybe I am part antelope afterall. Hmmmm. Would that make me a “dane-alope?”

♥ Behr Behr, the danealope hover dog 🙂

Hey, do you remember my post about the Hover dogs ? Well, those guys I can understand. They look like pretty athletic dogs, you know?

Even this one….


(source – Icanhashotdog)

You have to admit, he does look an awfully LOT like Falcor from “The Neverending Story”. (mom thought that was a cool movie)

But this is pushing it.

(source: Icanhascheeseburger)

A hovering Rhino !!?!??! I don’t think so. He’s waaaaaaaay too heavy; even I know that! Besides, I don’t know if they can even run fast enough to get up the speed to take off and fly like that.


“Tower to Falcor cub 777, you’re following a 757 Rhino heavy into LAX, wind speed 330 at 6”

“Falcor cub 777, you are cleared to land, runway 7L/ 25R.Caution: wake turbulence.”

“Falcor cub 777 here. Roger that, cleared to land 7L/25R. We see the traffic.”

“Great. Maintain visual separation with Rhino air traffic ahead of you”

“Excuse me….tower??”

“LAX Tower here. Did you have a question Falcor cub 777?”

“Roger that, tower. Did you say, RHINO heavy air traffic ahead with wake turbulence?????!!”

(note: if there happen to be any pilots reading this, please excuse any inaccuracies. I’m not a commercial pilot…I’m a great dane puppy who’s still learning to walk, much less fly) 🙂

♥ Behr Behr – grounded till I learn to hover…altho, I did try before they clipped my wings

Behr’s mom here. Conversation overheard in our yard today between Behr Behr and the neighbor’s dog, Wuki, (rhymes with cookie) thru the fence….

Behr: “Yeah, seriously, Wuki, a squirrel just ran thru here this morning that was THIS BIG (as she motions to Wuki…). Wuki, I mean it, the squirrel was bigger than you even!”


Wuki: “Behr Behr, why didn’t you catch him so we could have a new squeaky toy to play with?”

Behr: “Wuki, dude, calm down, would ja? This guy was faster than lightning. I’m sure I saw that “S” on his chest, too. You know, the one that Rusty was talking about? I think the squirrel was flying from tree to tree. No way I can catch ThAT critter! Come on, Wuki, let’s go practice flying.

Hmmmm. Dog tales!

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂

from icanhashotdog website

(source- I canhazcheesdog)

These dogs are great! No tugging on the leash. They just hover along behind you, moving effortlessly over the ground. Similar to birds with their wings clipped, they are unable to fly away like the flying dogs in a previous post.

Just make sure you aren’t under them if they have to “do their business” (if you know what I mean…) That could be a disaster, especially with the larger sized dogs. 🙂

Behr Behr

I wonder if I can fly someday like these guys? They’re cool!

♥Behr Behr

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