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I was pretty surprised when I saw the cat on the elevator sign (yesterday’s post). Can you believe Mom and I saw another funny elevator sign?

At least this sign had a dog on it.

elevator sign framed 2

I’m pretty sure this one was for:

1. Couples (with no animals)

2. Dog owners who like to sit on big rocks

elevator sign framed

Mom usually sits on a big rocks when we take a break during hikes. When we stop by a rock, I know it means time for water and snacks. Yippee!

You can tell that the dog on the sign is expecting a snack from his human (sitting on the rock). I wonder if they were hiking too?

So, since Mom sits on rocks and has me as her dog, we got to use this elevator. I’m glad we found one that we were allowed to use.

P.S.-There were no bossy cats anywhere around, either.

♥Behr Behr, the upwardly mobile dog 🙂


Hover Dog flyin’ low….

flying low framed

Hover Dog doing gentle touch down….

gentle touch down framed

Hover Dog doing half hover….

half hover framed

Hover Dog taking off….

taking off framed

Hover dog landing….

hover dog landing framed

♥ Behr Behr, the Hover Dog 🙂

I love summer ’cause Mom and Dad take me to the beach to practice my gymnastics moves.  We go to a special beach that is only for dogs without leashes.

One of the differences between the dog beach and human beach is that the dog beach has pebbles everywhere for us to jump over. Makes you quick on your feet, you know?

The beach for humans only has sand, so people don’t learn to walk very well at beaches. That’s why you see them falling down when they play. Dogs never fall down when they play.

Here I am practicing my flying leap. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

flying leap framed

This is  me hopping on my back feet only..

hop on back legs framed

After a lot of practice, I could hop on only ONE back foot..

hopping on one foot framed

Eventually, I got really brave and tried hopping on only one front foot..

hop on one foot framed

I can even walk on my front feet only, which is much harder than hopping. I takes a whole lot more muscles.

Because I’m not quite as good at this yet, I did cheat and use a stick for balance.

walk on front legs only framed

My final trick that I practiced was hopping with only my left feet! Impressive, isn’t it?

I wonder if I have a Lipizzan Stallion in my bloodline somewhere?

hop on left feet only framed

Whew, after that workout, I was dog tired. 

Tired Behr framed

I don’t think my tongue has hung out that far in ages! 

You can tell by my nice slim figure that my workouts really pay off. I feel pretty confident prancing around the beach in my toned beach body. 

I thought I’d let you know the secret for my nice figure, even at my age. No cosmetic surgery here.

Actually, I don’t even wear cosmetics, so I don’t know why I would need to have surgery to remove them anyhow.

♥ Behr Behr, the Baywatch Bear

The three things we decide on when we’re going to the forest are:

which forest

which crate we are going to stay in

and what food to take.

I’m not sure why it takes Mom and Dad so long to pack everything, since that’s all I think they have to do.

I sit by the door and cry because it’s taking them a million years to finish.

*I love crates! 

When Mom and Dad brought me to our home as a puppy, I walked in the door, saw a crate and immediately went and jumped in. They took a picture of that moment. Don’t I look cozy?

Behr cuddled in kennel framed

At night they had to close the door because I liked to get up and shred anything soft.

I got caught on camera one night, unfortunately. Busted!

midnight-caper framed

Eventually I behaved at night and started sleeping on my bed. 

I also have a soft crate for when we go to dog contests. I like that one too. 

soft crate framed

We also have a bunch of FAMILY crates. The big hard crate that I live in is called a “home.”

When we go to the forest, we take one of our family sized soft crates.

When I still ripped things up, I slept in a hard crate in our big soft crate.

Here’s what that looked like..

crate in big tent framed

The family crate is better because I can snuggle with Mom and Dad.

We use a big crate if we’re going to stay in one spot in the forest, and a smaller one when we are going to keep moving around to new places.

Here’s what’s scary. All of our crates used to be big, but on this trip I discovered the small one had SHRUNKEN! My room is much smaller than when I was a puppy!

My room is named “vestibule.” I’m not sure why it has a name, since our rooms at home don’t have names.

Behr in mt. hardware tent framed

Anyway, we were cozy together in the shrunken tent while in the far away place called Oregon. It was cold outside, but we were nice and warm.That made me a very happy camper.

The best part of the trip was all of our walking on trails, though. Lots of waterfalls to play in and squirrels to watch. More on that tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, you can start singing the old Roy Rogers song, “Happy Trails” to get ready.

♥ Behr Behr, the happy camper 🙂

*P.S.- Ha! I guess that makes me a “Crate” Dane! 🙂

I just have to tell you a silly story about my parents. Two things make this story so funny to me.

1- After this trip, they wondered if was a bad idea to have named me “Behr” (which is German for bear, if you wondered) and

2- For some reason they thought I had become a blonde or something, and it caused people to panic and rush back to their cars. I don’t get it. In fact, the whole day was just plain weird.

Here’s how it all began.  We went on a really cool trip for my mom’s work.

She and Dad love bear stuff, so naturally we got a cabin with bear things all over it. (again) I don’t know why they bother, since they have a real live Behr, but oh well.


room framed



Brown arrows are where their eyes look when we walk in, and the red paw print is where mine look.


Behr with basket framed


I rushed right to the area my eyes were focused on and found this nice basket of goodies just for me! I like this cabin already!


Lake  framed


It was a great place by a lake. While Mom was in her conference each day, Dad and I took hikes around the lake. Very cool.


lake 1 framed

Behr by lake framed


At night, we ate at fun places where dogs could go. There were bears everywhere, but they were fake.


Bears outside framed


Some of the fake bears even tried to break into the restaurant. I get in trouble when I try things like that. I can’t even get into the trash can around our house!

So all of that was the normal part of our trip.

Stay tuned to hear about the day when my mom and dad suddenly acted really weird and scared people by saying I was a blonde.  I really don’t know why they do stuff like that, but it keeps my life interesting. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the REAL bear, who doesn’t break into restaurants. Or trash cans.

Shhhh…Behr’s mom here. I’m hijacking her blog to show you what I think is a moment of cuteness.

I’m pretty sure she would be embarrassed and wouldn’t want you to see this.

Here’s a secret about Behr Behr. She absolutely can not go to sleep without something in her mouth. She and her sister, Sage, have done this their whole lives. They also have to hold their toys or blankets between their legs.

Anyhow, I thought this was so cute because she wore herself out playing and then fell asleep with her leopard toy in her mouth.

I guess I should add that afterward she tore the poor leopard’s head off, as usual.


Cuddles with leopard

Our puppies are such angels when they’re sleeping, aren’t they? (even if they were rascals all day…)

Does anybody else have a puppy who does this, or is it just ours?

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂



After our freezing trek to Nepal, I was happy to be off to somewhere WARM.

We hopped back on my jet and headed for Egypt, because I wanted to see the great pyramids.

Here’s a picture of me in front of my favorite pyramid of all….the FOOD pyramid 🙂



Behr at Great Pyramids framed

This one was made for dogs, as you can see, and full of what I actually eat.

Speaking of which, if you happen to go there, you won’t get to see this pyramid, because I, um..well… I ate the whole thing when Mom and Dad weren’t looking.

At home, I have a silly dish that keeps me from eating super fast, but this wasn’t in my dish. Bwahhaha.

The people of  Egypt were SO impressed with my ability to eat an entire pyramid that they made a sphinx in my memory. I was truly honored.

Behr as Sphinx

You can see my sphinx if you go there, and as my special friends you’ll have the inside scoop on why they made it. Don’t tell Mom and Dad why I got it though.  It’s our secret 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, one hot doggie in Egypt 🙂

So, all of my crazy adventures started one day when Mom was at work and I was super bored. I was looking for dogs with more exciting lives than mine, when I found Oscar. Oscar got to go all around the world with his mom.  That’s when I decided I was going to be a globe-trotting Great Dane. Yippee!

First I had to get my own luggage. Mom said I would have to carry my own, so I got a backpack.

Behr with backpack on red

Then I found out that I couldn’t sit with Mom and Dad on the plane, and that I’d have to be shipped in a silly box. Are you serious? Boxes are for things like soap, macaroni and cheese. Do I look like mac and cheese to you? I didn’t think so.

Princess Behr Behr

So, this little puppy princess came up with a brilliant plan, as usual.

All I had to do was get a high paying job and buy my OWN plane.

Mom always said I needed to get a job anyhow. I admit, my first try  didn’t exactly work out, but I’m a lot more careful now.

That’s how I ended up being Donald Trumpcard’s top dog. I guess he wanted my help to become famous, and being seen with me was just the boost he needed.  It worked, of course, and now he is super well known. You’ve probably even heard of him, thanks to me.  🙂

Behr with Donald Trump

Stay tuned to the Behr Behr channel for more of my adventures.

♥ Behr Behr, the travelin’ Trump dog 🙂

Well, glad you asked! I’ve missed all of my friends in the blogsphere.

After my whirlwind tour of the world, I’m back with lots of fun stories of all of my adventures to keep you smiling. 🙂

If you are new here, glad you found us  somehow.

Here’s a sneak preview…

She's Back

Stay tuned.

Same blog, same fun-loving Behr Behr  🙂

Yikes! I’m getting behind on posting my awards!

This one is the “I love blogging” award (I think).  It’s from my dane sized lab friend, Moose. I think it’s so “wild” that his name is Moose and mine is Behr 🙂  Anyhow, THANK YOU, Moose!

This award is given:

  • As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

  • To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

  • Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it

  • Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

  • Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

Mom’s answer: Like Moose’s mom, I started this blog just to keep friends and family updated on our new pup that we had adopted. You can read the story of the accidental blog on this anniversary post.  Since then, however, I have discovered an incredible world of fellow dog lovers who not only care a lot about each other, but share in the enjoyment of each other’s dogs. I have been so impressed by the way fellow bloggers actually help each other out in real life, not only with gifts and cards, but with other tangible expressions of care and friendship.  I’ve been awed by the way some people in very difficult situations have received real help from bloggers who lived near them, by the letters of encouragement to those who need it, by the fun surprise gifts our dogs receive from their blogging buddies, and by the way dog bloggers unite for a cause when one arises. What an amazing group of people, and to think, we would have never found each other if not for the world of blogging. 🙂

Behr Behr’s answer: I like to read about the things other puppy friends find to get into.  It gives me great ideas! Mom probably doesn’t appreciate that, but I do.  It keeps her on her toes cleaning up the messes I make and gives her something to do.  I’ve also noticed that when she reads your blogs to me (kind of like a bed time story at night), she begins to feel guilty about not getting out as much with me.  Then she takes me more fun places 🙂 I don’t mind the surprise cards and gifts from my friends, either 🙂 Oh yeah, the contests are great because they give me some interesting activities to do with mom.  I like the contests best when I win, just so you know.  Hint hint 🙂

  • Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like. Here’s the award to pass on:

I’m passing this award on to my friends Miss Kylie (cute border retriever, if you ever need to retrieve your border for some reason) 🙂

and Lorenza (best dressed Doxie ever!)

and Dobby (tons of cuteness packed into a small package)

♥ Behr Behr

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