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Hey, it’s me- Behr Behr, here to celebrate the joy of spring with you πŸ™‚ The dormant things spring back to life again. All of the baby animals, birds and even flowers seem to signal renewed hope and joy!

That’s the story around OUR house right now.

2019 has been tough for us. First we had the cancer scare with my jaw. Fortunately that ended well. Then we went to the vet because I was limping and holding my foot up. The vet said I had bone cancer, which >AGAIN< sent shock waves through my mom and dad. (!) Mom decided to send my x-rays to a radiologist for a second opinion. He said it was just bone remodeling from an old injury and that I had a toe infection from something in it. THANK YOU Mom!!! Whew. Mom used homeopathy to help me with that and I’m all better now.

Then, right after our last post, Mom was hiking without me in Colorado. I was sad that I wasn’t there to help her 😦

She was hiking with her younger grandson and they were climbing down some boulders to a creek below them, she stepped on a boulder with ice on it. Oops…

She fell down the hill and stopped falling when her head hit a boulder. Really HARD= Not good. The emergency room said she had a moderate traumatic brain injury. Ugh.

That caused her LOTS of problems with memory, light sensitivity, severe headaches, depth perception and a whole bunch of other things. Mom was sleeping all of the time and walkies with me gave her severe headaches. I was pretty sad. BUT… Mom has gotten much better now (WAY faster than the doctors expected!!Β  Thank you homeopathy and herbs!).

We are able to go for hikes in the mts. again. Yippee!! Both of us have had close calls that almost ended our time together.

The hiking duo of Behr Behr and Mom continues!!Β 

We just went on a hike into the mts. to see if the flowers were blooming yet.Β  Yay! Take a look.Β  Many flowers here are just about ready to open.

Behr on flower trail framed

The Blue Lupine are high in the mts. now.

Behr on trail framed

You can see them on along the trail everywhere.

Behr on flowered trail

They certainly brighten up the trail with their beauty!Β  As we were hiking, it was sprinkling and overcast (and super windy at times). That’s why I’m wearing my Ruffwear wind jacket πŸ™‚Β 

Mom liked the way the mts. looked with clouds hovering over them.Β 

mt hike framed

Wayyyyy up in the mts., we found this field of lupine and Mom made me stand in them for pictures. Silly Mom. Can you tell by my “ho-hum” look that I’m not excited about posing for her?

Behr in flower field framed

So, I hope you ALSO have reasons to celebrate spring and new beginnings. We certainly do!Β  I’m happy we’re back in action again and Mom is able to write about our adventures. I’ve missed everyone.

β™₯β™₯ Love, Behr Behr, the 11.5 year old Dane with a spring in her step…still πŸ™‚

My mom just watched this Ted talk with me today. We were both totally STUNNED!!

Don’t panic; no one shot a stun gun at us. That’s just a saying πŸ™‚

Mom’s sad that she didn’t know these things when I was little. I’m sad that all of my puppyhood friends are gone now.

The title of this talk sounds like it’s only about dogs, BUT it’s about cats too. You might want to know about some cats that lived to be 34 and 38 years old! The oldest dog was “only” 31 years old.

People who blog for their furry family members do so because they love and celebrate their companionship. It only makes sense to do what you can to have as many years with them as possible.

Watch the 16 minute movie for the 5 tips. Then send all of your friends a link to watch it too. Together we can change this downward trend of pet lifespans!!

β™₯β™₯ Behr Behr, the Furever Dog πŸ™‚

Note from Behr’s mom: I’ve created an additional page on this blog to add notes from this talk here.

I put the notes on a different page, since Behr’s not really into the science part of what she talks about. She’s very outgoing and just likes to talk about whatever is on her mind at the moment. We balance each other out that way πŸ™‚



Here’s a yummy snack that Mom started giving me to help me become and stay healthy. It is EASY PEASY!!

Here’s all you need: Ready to start - framed

The jar contains Mom’s homemade bone broth, but you can alsoΒ  buy pre-made. If you’ve never made broth, it’s super easy. Mom just throws bones in a crock pot for about 24 hours (or more if she’s busy), strains the broth so I only get the yummy liquid (NO BONES!!!). Everyone in our family knows my favorite kitchen appliance is the crock pot. πŸ™‚

Mix equal parts bone broth and raw goat’s milk and pour into cute molds, like these:

Heart mold full- Framed

Bone mold - framed

And here’s the finished treat…

Finished snacks - framed

Hey, enough with the pictures. Just give me the popsicle before it melts!!

Time to eat - framed

Nom Nom πŸ™‚Β 

β™₯β™₯ Behr Behr, the Queen of Hearts

Note from Behr’s mom: If you still feel intimidated about making bone broth, here’s a veterinarian showing you how she makes it and why she gives it to her dogs: (Dr Karen Becker)

She goes through more steps than I do, and I prefer to not leave a pot on the stove that I’m not watching. (thus the crock pot)Β  Bone broth is full of minerals and also collagen and glycine that help with detoxifying AND rebuilding health. Glycine (highest food source is bone broth) also helps with liver repair.

To keep from adding more toxins, I would use the purest water you can obtain (not tap water) and if you can afford it, organic bones (+ grass fed if beef or lamb bones).

I also used raw goat’s milk, which is sold in most states for pets. It is sold in frozen form. The brand I used also has turmeric (anti-inflammatory and detoxifier) and probiotics. It is tested for pathogens before being sold. You can read about it here: You could also buy other brands that are local to your area, or even dehydrated if none is available. A special thank you to Krisser’s Natural Pet store for introducing me to this recipe.

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