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Most of the time, I tell you about my activities, mishaps, and fun things that happen in my life. I guess I haven’t told you much about my personality or favorite things. Sorry about that.

A few of my favorite things are:

My moose toy (absolute favorite!!!!)

Mom can hide Mr. Moose anywhere in the house and tell me to go find him, and with lightning speed I race thru the house and hunt him down. I tear out after him so fast I knock things down that are in my way accidentally sometimes. I’m a really good moose hunter. Actually, I can find several of my toys, by name now. It’s a game we call “find it” around my house.

My Zebra Pillow. It’s soft, like Mr. Moose, but I’ve decided that I like the zebra so much that I take it to bed with me and use it as a pillow. I don’t chew on the zebra much at all, since I like it better as a pillow. (I do tend to tear everything else I own up tho…)

The zoomies!!!! I love to run as fast as I can whenever I get the chance. For whatever reason, my parents aren’t always impressed with my turbo-charged zoomie runs. I think they’re pretty cool, tho.

Air conditioning (or fans). Mom and Dad turn on the A/C in the car, aim it at the front seat arm rest, put a pillow there for my head, and I’m a happy camper. I don’t care how long of a drive we are on, as long as I’ve got my A/C and pillow. It also means my head is next to their arms on the arm rest, so that makes it extra snuggly.

Digging for buried treasure. I used to dig plain ol’ holes all the time, but that got boring. Now I’m fascinated with tree roots. I love to dig them up and pull them out of the ground to chew on. It’s like hunting for buried treasure!

Watching myself drooling water. Yep, you read that right. Almost every time I drink water from my bowl, I walk over to a mirror we have that’s my height and just watch the water drip from my mouth. I think it’s pretty funny. It’s the only time I drool (other than while waiting for meals when I’m super hungry). Sometimes when I’m in the house and bored, this is how I entertain myself. Back and forth from the water dish to the mirror. Mom keeps trying to catch this on video, but I won’t let her. When I see her sneak up with the camera, I stop and look at her with that look that says, “what?” like I don’t have any idea why she’s there.

Playing cops and robbers with Mom and Dad. In case you are wondering, I play the robber, they are the mean ol’ cops. I am REALLY sneaky about this one. I silently, with much stealth, work to steal things right near them without them ever catching me. They say I’m like a pick pocket or something, whatever that is. I have actually stolen handkerchiefs out of Dad’s pocket. Maybe that’s what they mean. My favorite thing is to steal socks, so they have to hide them from me. I discovered that sometimes they hide them in the dirty clothes hamper, so they can’t outsmart me on that one! Ha! I like to steal anything that is soft and small enough to fit in my mouth, ‘cause that way it doesn’t make any noise when I take it. I think it’s quite an accomplishment if an 88lb. black great dane can sneak by them and steal something without them catching me, especially since they’re on to my game.

My greatest accomplishment so far? Stealing the felt pads off of the feet of chairs they are sitting in…WHILE they are still in the chair! This one takes lots of patience. I do it a little bit at a time, waiting for them to move a little bit and shift their weight in the chair while I give it a little tug. Eventually I get it. Always amazes them.

Pretending I’m a gazelle. I just jump up off the ground with all 4 feet at the same time, still moving forward, like a gazelle does. Dad said this is called “stotting” or “pronking”. You can watch a video of an antelope pronking on this website:

(Note: I think you have to either watch it with Internet Explorer, or have Firefox configured to operate in an IE like environment) Maybe someday my mom can catch me doing this and video tape it for you. I’m kinda unpredictable, tho, and only do it suddenly when the urge strikes and I’m feeling particularly energetic. One time, when Dusty’s mom came over, I got the zoomies and every time I ran by her, I pronked. (if you can use the word that way)

So there you go. Don’t you feel like you know me a little better now?

♥ Behr Behr, the moose loving, totally cool, sneaky, pronking pirate 🙂

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