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If you’ve following me the last week or two, you’ll remember that I’m trying to teach myself “sign language”. (trying to figure out what human signs mean)

I saw a REALLY confusing one the other day!

I wanted to take an elevator, but the sign only had two choices:

1.   Couples (with no animals) could go up and

2.   Single men with cats could go down.

Behr with elevator framed

elevator sign framed

No dogs on the elevator??? Seriously?

Silly cats! They think they’re the boss of the elevator. Ha! I like the stairs better anyhow, ’cause they help me keep my slim figure. When’s the last time you saw a slim, muscular cat?

Now you know why 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the stair master 🙂

P. S. – If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a vest in the middle of summer, it’s really a cooling vest. It’s lined with frozen stuff and helps me keep my cool 🙂


Talk to the paw

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My mom’s getting pretty good at getting up before the sun to take me for walkies now, even though she’s still allergic to mornings 🙂

I’m pretty sure she is sleep walking when we first leave.  That’s ok, it gives me time to work on learning sign language.

Here’s a sign I saw this morning, for example…

Slow children framed


I think it means that the children in this area can’t run very fast when they play ball. I’ll have to be careful if they want to play ball with me, ’cause I run REALLY fast! I wouldn’t want to accidentally run over them.

Today we walked through the neighborhood to get to a field.

We’ve had temperatures over 100 degrees (F) during the day, but sometimes it drops to the 60’s at night. Extremely weird.

It’s scaring the trees so badly that they’re dropping their leaves, even though it’s not fall.

Poor little scared trees. I hope they don’t become a petrified forest out of fear.


Field walk 1 framed


Anyhow, we got to the field and had fun walking all around in the grass there.


Field walk 2 framed

Field walk 3 framed


Here’s a tree tunnel that I like to walk through.


Field walk 4 framed


We walked a couple of miles and then headed home.

On the way, I stopped by my friend Llama’s house to say hi.


llama framed


I don’t know his name yet, but I think it might be Tony.

As usual, I dragged Mom home at warp speed because she doesn’t even give me breakfast before we leave. I make her pay for not feeding me first, bwahaha!

♥ Behr Behr, the neighborhood field guide 🙂

Mom and I were walking along this morning when suddenly I realized we had passed several sections in the road that looked like this…

zebra 1 framed

Oh no! This can’t be! Where are they?

zebra 2 framed

I refused to move until I knew what was going on..

zebra 3 framed

Mom tried to get me to keep walking, but I put my brakes on and wouldn’t budge. No! You can’t make me leave!

zebra 4 framed

After Mom spent a few minutes frustrated thinking about what in the world was wrong with me, she figured it out. 

Then she said, “Oh, for Heaven’s sake, Behr Behr! You’re such a silly girl. These are just painted lines in the road. Your zebra friends are all just fine.”  Oh. Ooops.

Ok, now I felt silly. I thought maybe my friends Zeb, Zack, and Zoe had been squished by cars. Whew!

She took me to their barn later so I could see for myself.

Behr in zebra costume framed

Now that I look back on it, I feel pretty silly. At least it made Mom laugh 🙂 Before that she was just kinda sleepwalking because it was so early.

I’m sure some of you have done silly things that made your humans laugh too. You’re doing a good thing for them by being so goofy.

If “laughter is like medicine for the heart”, then that must make us Canine Cardiologists. 🙂

Keep up the good work, my friends!

♥ Behr Behr, M.D. (medical dog)

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This is Frankie. She’s a gorgeous Husky who lives in Canada, with her wonderful human family. Lucky girl, that Frankie.



Frankie’s parents bought her a really cool pink harness/vest to wear, but it didn’t fit her quite right ‘cause it was a little big on her. Frankie and her mom decided that since I, Behr Behr love to wear pink (being the princess that I am), and would certainly grow into this vest, that they would pass it on to me. WOW!!!!!! I can’t tell you how EXCITED I was to be getting this beautiful pink (princess) harness!!! Frankie and her mom mailed the vest all the way from Canada to California, just for me. Boy did THAT make me feel loved and special!!! Frankie’s mom said that passing things on like this to other puppies is called, “Pawing it Forward.” How cool is that?! Puppies who care about each other and share their toys and stuff.

I walked with my mom to the mailbox almost every day, just to see if my package had arrived. When it did, mom and I opened it and tried it on. I felt beautiful in it, altho I don’t think I’m as pretty as Frankie. She’s got really pretty hair and eyes, and it did look lovely on her. Frankie even wrote me a letter, complete with pictures. I sniffed the letter and the harness, and could tell I liked her a lot. It’s really a shame we can’t play together, but we live really far apart.

Anyhow, today my mom was trying to take photos of me in the vest, along with the letter from my friend Frankie. That’s when mom’s camera decided to die. It was already taking photos of me with funny purple in it (and I’m NOT purple!) All she got was a photo of my dad trying to get me to sit down with my new harness on, but I didn’t even look at the camera ‘cause it was a practice photo for the lighting adjustments. As it is, the colors are off in this photo too. We didn’t get the front shots, the letter, or anything. Dumb camera!




I wanted to post the only photo I have, and when mom gets the camera fixed we’ll have to post more. Soooo, here I am in my “princess harness” from my friend Frankie. By the way, it also matches other princess stuff I have. I’ll have to get photos of how well it all matches.

Maybe you can visit Frankie’s blog and read all about her. You’ll love her blog! I sure do.

Also, maybe you can follow Frankie’s incredibly generous example and paw something forward to a new friend. If you did, why not let me know what cool gift you passed on so others can see what you did? Maybe we should have a “Paw it Forward for other puppies party”  🙂

Behr Behr, harnessing the power of pink




Wow! I actually DID get a cow, for real!

I LOVE my new cow, too. It has sqeakers in the feet and the head sounds sort of like a ducky. I chomp on the head, like non-stop, to the point of almost driving those around me nuts with the constant “quack quack” like sound. I love to shake him back and forth wildly, like I’m some sort of wild lion with it’s prey or something. Or maybe a bear. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day to all of my bloggy friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Give kisses to your humans today. ♥

Behr Behr

Are trees ticklish? I don’t know.

I tried to tickle this one, but it didn’t laugh. I guess not. 

It didn’t bark, either. 🙂



Gosh, all of this rain and wind is making my life boring lately! Normally I’m outside a lot, chasing leaves, finding sticks to run around with, digging holes, etc. Not now, tho.  It’s been raining for days now.  I’m starting to get a little tired of just playing with my toys and mom and dad.  Nothing against them, but I need to run around more!  How do other puppies who live where it rains a lot deal with all of this water stuff ? 

I did get to play outside for a little bit today when it was only sprinkling,tho.  We went for a little walk, and found water that was moving on the ground! I’ve never seen that before!!  You can see the picture of me walking into this funny moving water.  I’m not even afraid of it, altho it was pretty cold. 

I found some funny tracks that smelled good and I tried my hardest to find the animal who made them so we could play.  Mom said it was something called raccoon tracks. I wonder what kind of puppy that is?

 ♥Behr Behr the water puppy   


OK, so now my parents are getting silly with me. I wonder if other puppies have to go thru these kinds of things? One night they put some funny boots on my feet and wanted me try to walk around. I have no idea why. My feet work just fine without them. I’m not sure if they just needed some entertainment or what. I had to pick up my feet really high to walk ‘cause it felt like I might trip over them or something. They seemed to think it was really funny. I, on the other hand, was not laughing. Fortunately for me, they didn’t get pictures of me trying to walk. (knowing them, they’d probably put the photos on here for the whole world to see!!) I sure hope they have a good reason for this kind of behavior.

On the good side, tho, they also bought me a nice warm fleece jacket. NOW we’re talking MY kind of style. Ok, so the color’s not my first choice, but at least it’s warm. I didn’t even fuss about this one. Actually, they let me wear it when I was really sick and shivering because I was starving and cold, so that was good. They get a few extra brownie points for that one. 🙂 They said these would be really good for me when we go to the snow, but I have no idea what snow is or why we would go there. I’ll keep you posted when I find out.

Behr Behr

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