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Mom and I went through my baby photos today and found this silly picture.

When I was little, I got into EVERYTHING, all the time.

For Mom and Dad to eat dinner in peace, they would put me in my crate and shut the door.

I would do my bat imitation to get their attention.

Worked every time. I just hung my nose on the cage and here’s how it looked-

Bat dog

Bat dog


For comparison, here’s a real bat-


(bat photo source:

Pretty good imitation, huh? 

Yikes! I wonder if I’m related to my friend, Ranger, (AKA Batman) ??

Ranger has black hair and so do I.

Ranger is a Scottie, and my mom’s Scottish.

Ranger is Batman, and I am a BatDog.

Oh no! I have a brother I didn’t know about!

♥ Behr Behr, the Scottish BatDog 🙂


Behr’s mom here. I’m borrowing “little” Behr Behr’s computer while she’s asleep. Shhhh. Whatever you do, don’t wake her up, please! It’s finally calm around here while she’s napping, and I need the peace and quiet!! Those of you who know Behr Behr personally will totally understand. Those who don’t know her personally will have to just imagine what it’s like living with a wild bear cub in your house. No kidding.

Anyhow, Kathryn, of 4urpets fame, and Pedro, of Vote for Pedro, have issued a challenge for the scariest teeth photo from the world of dog blogdom. No problem; I have just the perfect photo!!! This one is going to be the most bizarre, for sure!

(bat photo source:

Amazing bat imitation, isn’t it?

This is what Behr Behr does sometimes when we put her in her crate while we are at the dinner table, so that she’s not getting into anything and we can eat in peace. (the crate is within view of the table) She lays down in her crate, teeth resting on the bars, just making weird faces at us. Heaven only knows what goes thru her mind while she’s doing this!! I wish I knew sometimes. It does make us laugh, tho, and laughter is good for the heart. It’s one of the many reasons we love our little Behr Behr.

Behr Behr’s mom.  🙂

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