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If you’ve following me the last week or two, you’ll remember that I’m trying to teach myself “sign language”. (trying to figure out what human signs mean)

I saw a REALLY confusing one the other day!

I wanted to take an elevator, but the sign only had two choices:

1.Β Β  Couples (with no animals) could go up and

2.Β Β  Single men with cats could go down.

Behr with elevator framed

elevator sign framed

No dogs on the elevator??? Seriously?

Silly cats! They think they’re the boss of the elevator. Ha! I like the stairs better anyhow, ’cause they help me keep my slim figure. When’s the last time you saw a slim, muscular cat?

Now you know why πŸ™‚

β™₯ Behr Behr, the stair master πŸ™‚

P. S. – If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a vest in the middle of summer, it’s really a cooling vest. It’s lined with frozen stuff and helps me keep my cool πŸ™‚



My little snugglebug – ALWAYS has to go to sleep snuggling a blanket and sucking on it with her mouth. So cute!

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Bump on nose framed


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Digging through my puppy photos and had to laugh about this one. They thought chewing the branches off of trees was just a puppy phase….

Behr puppy chewing on tree framed

Nope! Still love to prune all of the branches within my reach.

Since our yard stays well pruned (thanks to me!), I’ve branched out to pruning trees in campgrounds and on hikes.

Behr chewing on stick grown framed 2

I’m pretty sure I’m the world’s first tree trimming Dane.

Behr chewing on tree grown framed

Need some help with trees in your neighborhood?

E-mail me and I’ll pack my trunk up and rush right over, ok?

Don’t let the fact that a big black dog is in your back yard tree trimming, scare you either. My bark is worse than my bite.

Of course, the only thing I ever bite is branches anyhow πŸ™‚

β™₯ Behr Behr, the tree trimming Dane πŸ™‚

Tongue Tied framed


** For my wonderful international friends- “Tongue-Tied” is and American cliche that means to be so shy or surprised that you are speechless.

A little play on words with the “Wordless Wednesday theme. πŸ™‚

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Moose Munch


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Hay, I know you’re thinking I look udderly ridiculous in this cow costume, right?

Behr cow

Fortunately, Mom didn’t have to spend a lot of “Moo-lah” to get it for me.

Before you ask, I know cows are supposed to give milk to people, but I don’t. Does that make me a milk dud? Of course not.

Actually, I see myself as the Dairy Queen, truly the cream of the crop when I wear my cow costume. Oh, I know you’re wondering if I live in the Cow Palace in California. Well no, but I have actually been there for a dog event.

When I walk down the street as a cow, everyone wants to pet me. Isn’t that funny? When they see me as “just” aΒ  big black Great Dane, many are afraid of me for no reason. It’s a sad thing about black dogs, I think because the mean dog in movies is always black.

I do like the extra attention as a cow though, and milk it for all it’s worth πŸ™‚Β 

If you’re a big black dog, I think you should try a cow costume too. Hay, I wouldn’t steer you wrong, would I?

Have you herd that when a cow laughs milk comes out of her nose? Well, all I know is that it hasn’t happened to me yet.Β  There will be a blog moos-flash if it ever does. I know you’ll hear about it because good moos travels fast.

OK, don’t have a cow now. I know all of this is utterly silly, but I just woke up in a good moood and felt like sharing my moood with you.

After all, it IS Monday, and it’s good to start off the week with a chuckle.Β 

Well, time for me to mooove on and start my day.Β 

β™₯ Behr Behr, the Dairy Queen πŸ™‚



just lion around

I just have to tell you a silly story about my parents. Two things make this story so funny to me.

1- After this trip, they wondered if was a bad idea to have named me “Behr” (which is German for bear, if you wondered) and

2- For some reason they thought I had become a blonde or something, and it caused people to panic and rush back to their cars. I don’t get it. In fact, the whole day was just plain weird.

Here’s how it all began.Β  We went on a really cool trip for my mom’s work.

She and Dad love bear stuff, so naturally we got a cabin with bear things all over it. (again) I don’t know why they bother, since they have a real live Behr, but oh well.


room framed



Brown arrows are where their eyes look when we walk in, and the red paw print is where mine look.


Behr with basket framed


I rushed right to the area my eyes were focused on and found this nice basket of goodies just for me! I like this cabin already!


Lake  framed


It was a great place by a lake. While Mom was in her conference each day, Dad and I took hikes around the lake. Very cool.


lake 1 framed

Behr by lake framed


At night, we ate at fun places where dogs could go. There were bears everywhere, but they were fake.


Bears outside framed


Some of the fake bears even tried to break into the restaurant. I get in trouble when I try things like that. I can’t even get into the trash can around our house!

So all of that was the normal part of our trip.

Stay tuned to hear about the day when my mom and dad suddenly acted really weird and scared people by saying I was a blonde.Β  I really don’t know why they do stuff like that, but it keeps my life interesting. πŸ™‚

β™₯ Behr Behr, the REAL bear, who doesn’t break into restaurants. Or trash cans.

Continuing on with my world tour *story, I was pretty sad after Devin ditched me started his new job in the meat store.

Devin memories

I went for a walk and thought about things for a while.

Behr Looking at Lake framed


Yes, I would miss him a lot.

Well, it was time to move on. I climbed back on my private jet to head home. Besides, I was hungry and remembered I had a freezer full of my favorite snacks at home just waiting for me. Just thinking about it made me start drooling. πŸ™‚

Behr Jet Framed

This nice lady greeted me when my plane was landing.

Welcome Home Behr Framedr

I think she wasn’t smiling because she had to wear that silly green dress thing and an ugly crown with sharp things on it. I remember when I was embarrassed to be seen wearing something weird.

As soon as we landed, news stations and magazines started to call asking for interviews about my travels . I finally agreed to one interview for a travel magazine.

Travel Magazine - Conte Nast

Can you even believe what they did to my face?!?Β  I have an “October” eyebrow on one side, and my nose is in India!! If that weren’t bad enough, they insulted me further by putting the word “elephant” on my face!! They even wrote “Wish you were here?” on my backpack. How ridiculous. No one wishes they were in my backpack.

That’s the last magazine interview I’m ever going to do!

I decided maybe I should go somewhere quiet for a while and do some soul searching.

Of course, I started by getting my nose out of India and getting hitchhikers out of my backpack πŸ™‚

β™₯ Behr Behr, the October Indian Elephant.Β  NOT. πŸ™‚

*(in case you are just joining me for the first time, you can read how this all started here)













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