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Mom and I were walking along this morning when suddenly I realized we had passed several sections in the road that looked like this…

zebra 1 framed

Oh no! This can’t be! Where are they?

zebra 2 framed

I refused to move until I knew what was going on..

zebra 3 framed

Mom tried to get me to keep walking, but I put my brakes on and wouldn’t budge. No! You can’t make me leave!

zebra 4 framed

After Mom spent a few minutes frustrated thinking about what in the world was wrong with me, she figured it out. 

Then she said, “Oh, for Heaven’s sake, Behr Behr! You’re such a silly girl. These are just painted lines in the road. Your zebra friends are all just fine.”  Oh. Ooops.

Ok, now I felt silly. I thought maybe my friends Zeb, Zack, and Zoe had been squished by cars. Whew!

She took me to their barn later so I could see for myself.

Behr in zebra costume framed

Now that I look back on it, I feel pretty silly. At least it made Mom laugh 🙂 Before that she was just kinda sleepwalking because it was so early.

I’m sure some of you have done silly things that made your humans laugh too. You’re doing a good thing for them by being so goofy.

If “laughter is like medicine for the heart”, then that must make us Canine Cardiologists. 🙂

Keep up the good work, my friends!

♥ Behr Behr, M.D. (medical dog)

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My mom is allergic to morning. At least, I think that’s what she told me. 

That’s a big problem right now because it’s way too hot for us to go for walkies any other time.

It’s like 147 degrees by 8 in the morning. Yuck.

She surprised me by waking me up when it was dark outside saying, “Let’s go, Behr Behr.” Really Mom?? Woohoo!!! I woke up REAL fast before she could change her mind!

I’m no dummy. 

It was weird being on the street with no one around.

Behr on road 1 framed

There weren’t even any cars around. I think they were still asleep.

Behr on road 2 framed

I was surprised to see my friend Donkey up so early.

Behr with donkey framed

This time of morning Mom is too sleepy to talk to me, so I have plenty of time to think about things. Like signs.

I’ve always wondered what they mean. Some are pretty weird, actually. Like this one-

Rock in road sign framed

I thought about it for a while. Then I remembered seeing a big boulder in the road one time.

Oh! It means “Go around the big rocks!”

Boulder in road framed

Really I would rather jump over them. I guess humans need help deciding what to do when there’s a rock in the road.

When we headed back home, I was in a BIG hurry. Mom didn’t even feed me before we left, so I was starving!!

Behr on road 3 framed

At least I had time to think about deep things, like what human signs mean. And I got to go for walkies with Mom, even with her allergy to morning. 

Life is good.

♥ Behr Behr, sign language interpreter

Moose Munch


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Yay! I love going to the park and sneaking up on all of the birds! 

It’s kinda tricky though, because they always want to fly away when they see me coming. 

What I have to do is hide behind the trees and sneak up on them slowwwly and be vewy vewy quiet. 

Behr behind tree framed

Shhhh. I think I see some now down by the water.

Duck framed

Very funny! One of them is walking around on stilts today.

Now here’s a funny bird admiring himself in the water. 

bird framed

My favorite birds of all are the ones that hang around in the tall grass though.

grass in pond framed

Ha! They can’t outsmart the Behr detective! I found those fowl birds trying to duck behind the grass again.

two white ducks framed

This one really quacks me up. He looks like someone inflated him a bit too much 🙂

baby duck framed

Weekend walkies in the park are so much more fun than staying around here and just reading pee mail, for sure!

♥ Behr Behr, wingin’ it as a bird detective 🙂

feed the bears1

It was my Mom’s birthday while we were on vacation in Oregon. To celebrate, she wanted to have a picnic and hike to a waterfall called Wakheena. I’m glad that’s not MY name. I like Behr Behr better.

So we found a great spot to have our lunch and then start up the trail. 

Picnic area framed

Are we there yet??

Behr on trail framed 2

On the trail, some squirrels ran right in front of me and made funny noises.

I’m sure they were laughing because I was on a leash and couldn’t chase them.  That was mean.

Falls 1

Once again, we saw water, but I couldn’t play in it.

We hiked up higher and higher to get more views of the falls.

Falls 2 framed

We were near the waterfall when something or other broke and Mom and Dad were trying to fix it. They were looking at the broken thing, and I was behind them sniffing fun stuff.

A group of people walked by on the narrow trail we were on, and I tried to move out of their way to be polite. Suddenly my feet were on ground broke away at the edge of the trail, and I fell over the cliff!!!

I was SOOOO scared because I was hanging by my leash and my feet couldn’t touch any ground. Mom and Dad were screaming and grabbed me to hang on and try to pull me back up. It’s not easy to pull a dog my size back up a cliff, just so you know.

Fortunately they succeeded, and I am still be here to tell you this story. Whew!!!  That was a super duper scary thing for all of us! 

After Mom and Dad calmed down, they took this picture of me by Wakheena.

Behr by Wahkeena Falls framed 2

Can you tell by the way I’m standing that I was still scared? I really was.

I love hiking, but this time I was happy to just go back to our campsite. 

Behr on trail framed 1

When we got back to our tent, Mom and Dad kept petting me all night and telling me how happy they were to still have me.

Mom said the fact that she still had her Behr Behr was the best birthday gift of all.

That made me feel all happy inside.

I’m glad I’m still here too. 

♥ Behr Behr, the stunt doggie. Not.

Before I start telling you my story, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, America!

Wow, you are 238 years old! Good thing you’re not a dog, ’cause then you’d be 1666 years old. 

4th of July 2014

Well, we’re back from our vacation, I think. I never really know when we might take off again. 

We went lots of places, so it will take me a few posts to tell you about my fun travels, otherwise, this post would be super duper long and you might fall asleep reading it.

This trip actually started because of me. For real. Two things I LOVE to do are sniffing for fun smells, and guarding everything.

Behr sniffing by lake

I love sniffing so MUCH that I actually compete with other doggies to see who can find things the fastest. I’ve won several titles playing this game, but I’ll tell you the details on that in a later post. You can read a little about these games I play here and my first title win here in the meantime.

The other thing I do all day long is guard everything. If I’m not outside, I’m looking out of windows to keep an eye on everyone in my neighborhood. If they get to close to my house, I let them know.

Behr in our window

My hackles are up in this picture because a dog dared to walk to close to my house. I let him know (loudly) that he was not allowed in my neighborhood because I own the whole thing.

Behr in our window 2


I love guarding our hotel room by watching from the window. It’s pretty fun to scare people this way. Just so you know, it’s also really fun to scare cleaning people who forget to knock. Bwahaha 🙂

Behr in hotel window

I guard our tent when we are in the forest too.

Behr guarding tent

So, because I’m good at these, I thought I got invited to guard the whole nation. I know you’re laughing, but keep reading.

Oregon National Guard

I was invited to the National Guard in a state a million miles away, called Oregon. 

Behr at national guard

But, I found out I was there to find a bunch of things hidden in the facility. The only thing I got to guard was our truck, sadly. I really was hoping I could make the whole country my territory to guard. 

Unfortunately, I discovered this silly Oregon place has huge rain storms that can show up suddenly and do scarey things. Usually Mom sets up a cozy area for her and Dad to hang out and have food, drinks, and chat with other people. She never got to finish, though.

truck at national guard

She had only gotten the shelter set up between our truck and trailer, and gotten chairs out when raindrops the size of cow pies started falling. Seriously. I know how big cow pies are, and  I also know what they taste like.

Mom got in the back of the truck with me to let me know things were ok, when the E-Z up crashed into the truck and flew away. That scared me.

So, after all of that, I really wasn’t in the mood to go find things anymore. Also, I was cold and really just wanted to snuggle in my blankies and listen to the rain with Mom petting me.

OK, so I didn’t win the contest, BUT if it hadn’t been for me, Mom and Dad wouldn’t have gotten to have their vacation in a fun new place. That’s how I see it, anyhow. Besides, I know if I win this last title, I’ll have to quit playing this hide-n-seek game with my friends, and I don’t want to.

This is what family is all about. I convince them to go to new places where my games are, and then they take me exploring the nearby areas. It works out great.

Stay tuned for stories of the exploring we did afterward.

♥ Behr Behr, (almost) national guard dog 🙂

So many fun places I’ve been to in the U.S.A. that I don’t know where to start! In coming posts, I’ll tell you about the other fun things I do when I’m not traveling.

Mom and Dad are nice because they usually take me places with lots of bear stuff around, and with forests and mountains to play in.

Now that you know that, you’ll understand why I wasn’t so happy when we went somewhere that only had space dogs and fish.  Things started out OK when we arrived at our cabin near the lake.

lake framed

We took lots of fun walkies and watched the ducks and had picnics. There’s one thing missing on the table, though- my bowl. Actually, I mean my bowl full of food. (who wants an empty bowl?)

Behr by small lake framed   There were also pretty fish to look at near the cabin.

fish framed

Everything was going super well, until the strange gray dogs starting showing up.

Racoon 1framed

First there was just this one, taunting me by bringing his lunch and eating right in front of me.  (that’s not my food ’cause I eat raw stuff) 

4 racoons framed

Then he brought three of his friends the next time.  I want you to notice how he looked at me and laughed.  I really didn’t think this was funny. 

I went back inside the cabin to take a nap and get away from them, but all I dreamed about was food. 

bowl framed

Things got even worse the next day when the gray dog and his entire family had dinner right in my view. It was making me hungry, but Mom and Dad said I had to wait for my own dinner. 😦

6 racoons framed

It’s obvious they are bad guys because they are wearing those black masks on their faces.

I’m pretty sure they were from outer space since I’ve never seen their kind around before. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have any manners.  Just look at how they shovel the food into their mouths!!


Racoons eating from Behr Behr on Vimeo.



When we got home, I had nightmares about the masked space dogs stealing my food and laughing.

raccoon in space framed

It’s more fun to play with nice puppies, like you. At least you don’t wear masks and do mean things.

♥ Behr Behr, the nice BLACK dog from Earth:)

Note from Behr’s mom- Don’t worry, Behr didn’t really eat any of the fish. That was just her silly dream.

Also, we were not the ones providing the raccoons with food, and didn’t think it was at all wise. They got their food from another cabin.

Funny story– before I got Behr, I lived in the mountains and had a gray and black cat.

One day I thought he came in his little door and was munching on his food right behind me. I was busy, but talking away to him as usual. When I turned around to pet him, I was shocked to see that it was a raccoon with the same coloring 🙂 I also woke up to one walking on my bed headboard before!

The joys of living in the forest 🙂

(**note: SPECIAL THANKS to Walter and Millie’s mom at “Bird Brains and Dog Tails” blog for help with the video!! Please visit their website. There is a link on my friends list)

After an all night flight to France, we landed and had a beautiful breakfast in Paris. Yummy! 

As we were just finishing breakfast, a cart went by with a Dane like me pulling it. The man riding in the cart was fairly large, and the poor dog looked so tired 😦

Devin pulling cart with man

(I hid the man’s face so he wouldn’t feel real embarassed)

Then this Dane, whose name was Devin, glanced my way. OMD!!! It was love at first sight!!

Love at first sight

I thought he was absolutely gorgeous, and of course I just HAD to introduce myself to him!  I called out to him, and he broke loose and ran to my table. 

Since he lived in Paris, he showed me around. He was so romantic, and treated me like the princess that I am.

Behr and Devin at Eiffell

Everything about Devin was perfect. I found out that he had been an amazing model and had won tons of awards before the economy slowed down.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his name even rhymes with “Heaven.” 

Devin framed

I was sure that he and I would get married and live happily ever after. I could picture us eating lots and lots of food and taking naps in the sun together.

That’s when Devin told me that he got a new job in a meat store with “all you can eat” lunches as a perk. The job also came with nap breaks and a gym for zoomie runs so he could stay in top shape. 

Are you SERIOUS ?!?! He was leaving me for a job in a meat store?!?!

So, I left Paris with my heart broken. In fact, it was so broken I decided to just cancel the rest of my world tour and go back home.

Of course, I could always hope he would change his mind and come join me.  For dinner would be nice, or even for snacks. 

He would have to bring his own, though, since I’m not going to share.

Devin in Paris framed

♥ Behr Behr with a broken ♥ (of course I can be easily distracted with some yummy snacks…)

After eating an entire pyramid in Egypt, I was pretty full during our flight to China.  After I ate it, the Food and Drug administration in America asked my permission to change our food pyramid to a plate. I thought it was brilliant, and gave them my approval. I wish they would have named it “Behr’s plate” though, instead of just “my plate.”

On second thought, MY plate is mainly meat, with some veggies, fruit, yogurt and stuff added. They can have their own plate.

Before our plane landed, word had gotten out that Behr Behr, the Puppy Princess was arriving. The  people of China surprised me with a Chinese princess wardrobe, in my size. So nice of them!

China Princess Behr

Don’t I look great in these colors?

Of course we saw the most famous sites in China, including the “Great Wall of China.”

I was a bit disappointed when I found out that all of the china was empty. I was getting hungry and dreaming of china bowls filled with chicken everywhere.

Great Wall of China

At one point, I was so hungry I dressed like a farm worker and went into the rice paddies to grab a snack.

Behr harvesting rice in China


Don’t they have a Great Wall of Chicken anywhere?


♥ Princess Kung Fu Behr Behr

P.S.- I also learned something important while I was here.

You can’t eat karate chops. Sorry, I thought they were something like lamb chops and pork chops.

They laughed when I tried to order them in a restaurant.

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