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I love summer ’cause Mom and Dad take me to the beach to practice my gymnastics moves.  We go to a special beach that is only for dogs without leashes.

One of the differences between the dog beach and human beach is that the dog beach has pebbles everywhere for us to jump over. Makes you quick on your feet, you know?

The beach for humans only has sand, so people don’t learn to walk very well at beaches. That’s why you see them falling down when they play. Dogs never fall down when they play.

Here I am practicing my flying leap. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

flying leap framed

This is  me hopping on my back feet only..

hop on back legs framed

After a lot of practice, I could hop on only ONE back foot..

hopping on one foot framed

Eventually, I got really brave and tried hopping on only one front foot..

hop on one foot framed

I can even walk on my front feet only, which is much harder than hopping. I takes a whole lot more muscles.

Because I’m not quite as good at this yet, I did cheat and use a stick for balance.

walk on front legs only framed

My final trick that I practiced was hopping with only my left feet! Impressive, isn’t it?

I wonder if I have a Lipizzan Stallion in my bloodline somewhere?

hop on left feet only framed

Whew, after that workout, I was dog tired. 

Tired Behr framed

I don’t think my tongue has hung out that far in ages! 

You can tell by my nice slim figure that my workouts really pay off. I feel pretty confident prancing around the beach in my toned beach body. 

I thought I’d let you know the secret for my nice figure, even at my age. No cosmetic surgery here.

Actually, I don’t even wear cosmetics, so I don’t know why I would need to have surgery to remove them anyhow.

♥ Behr Behr, the Baywatch Bear


Ok, so maybe I’m in trouble again. I don’t know which of my many gymnastic moves got me in trouble this time, but it did. It’s just that I’m so darned athletic that I can hardly contain myself and I’m always experimenting with new moves. I leap, I jump, I twist, I flip, I do somersaults, I can pronk (see previous post) and you should see my zoomies! They’re lightening fast! My mom and dad just don’t appreciate my amazing talent, that’s all.

I’m even getting a great education in the process, as I learn all the things that vets can do for puppies. Did you even know that there are radiologists for dogs? See how much I’m learning?

So now my mom said I need to get a job because of all of my vet visits. She got this dumb idea by reading about Jonesy and Tinky, and their mom trying to get them a job. Thanks guys; you’re no help.

While Mom and Dad were driving me around in my car, I was looking out of the window when it hit me!! There are humans on the streets wearing silly costumes, and others spinning signs all around them in funny ways. (see video) I guess they’re advertising for businesses or something like that. Does that guy ever look like a fake dog, or what??

Well, gosh, I have a dog costume on all the time, and I can already do all kinds of flips and stuff, so what if I learned to do them with a sign in my mouth? I think it’s brilliant! I could be the world’s first sign spinning dane!!!

So, let me know if your company needs a sign spinner that looks like a dog, ok?

Sorry, gotta get back to practicing now.

♥ Behr Behr, the spin doggie 🙂

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