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If you’ve following me the last week or two, you’ll remember that I’m trying to teach myself “sign language”. (trying to figure out what human signs mean)

I saw a REALLY confusing one the other day!

I wanted to take an elevator, but the sign only had two choices:

1.   Couples (with no animals) could go up and

2.   Single men with cats could go down.

Behr with elevator framed

elevator sign framed

No dogs on the elevator??? Seriously?

Silly cats! They think they’re the boss of the elevator. Ha! I like the stairs better anyhow, ’cause they help me keep my slim figure. When’s the last time you saw a slim, muscular cat?

Now you know why 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, the stair master 🙂

P. S. – If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a vest in the middle of summer, it’s really a cooling vest. It’s lined with frozen stuff and helps me keep my cool 🙂


In my last post, I told you about our fun cabin vacation. (well, except for the fake bears…)

Besides the mts. being a nice break from the hot weather, I got a break from wearing a leash and dragging my parents around. That is so tiring! They don’t even appreciate me pulling them everywhere, either. 

Come on you guys! Lets get going!!

Behr on trail framed

Wow, I LOVE being able to explore the woods on my own!

by big logs framed

Here I am taking a little break by the big trees (behind me), while trying to decide what to explore next.

by big trees framed

Yippee!! Running free!!

running on trail 2 framed

Even though I run free like this, Mom and Dad trained me to always stay within close sight of them. I never bother other animals, either. I’m such a good trail dog!

running on trail framed

After running so much all day, I was one tired puppy!  zzzzzzzzzzzz……

tired Behr Behr framed

I sure wish I could have brought some of you with me. You would have loved it! 


♥ Behr Behr, Running Free  🙂

I love summer ’cause Mom and Dad take me to the beach to practice my gymnastics moves.  We go to a special beach that is only for dogs without leashes.

One of the differences between the dog beach and human beach is that the dog beach has pebbles everywhere for us to jump over. Makes you quick on your feet, you know?

The beach for humans only has sand, so people don’t learn to walk very well at beaches. That’s why you see them falling down when they play. Dogs never fall down when they play.

Here I am practicing my flying leap. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

flying leap framed

This is  me hopping on my back feet only..

hop on back legs framed

After a lot of practice, I could hop on only ONE back foot..

hopping on one foot framed

Eventually, I got really brave and tried hopping on only one front foot..

hop on one foot framed

I can even walk on my front feet only, which is much harder than hopping. I takes a whole lot more muscles.

Because I’m not quite as good at this yet, I did cheat and use a stick for balance.

walk on front legs only framed

My final trick that I practiced was hopping with only my left feet! Impressive, isn’t it?

I wonder if I have a Lipizzan Stallion in my bloodline somewhere?

hop on left feet only framed

Whew, after that workout, I was dog tired. 

Tired Behr framed

I don’t think my tongue has hung out that far in ages! 

You can tell by my nice slim figure that my workouts really pay off. I feel pretty confident prancing around the beach in my toned beach body. 

I thought I’d let you know the secret for my nice figure, even at my age. No cosmetic surgery here.

Actually, I don’t even wear cosmetics, so I don’t know why I would need to have surgery to remove them anyhow.

♥ Behr Behr, the Baywatch Bear

Can you believe we saw a trail in Oregon that wouldn’t allow hound dogs on it? For real, we did. Here’s the sign.

No dogs framed

I have a good friend named Duke who is a Redbone Coonhound, and just to show my support for hounds like him, we didn’t go on the trail either. Duke has a strange bark, but I still like him.

Anyhow, we found another pretty trail to a fun waterfall. 

Rock walkway framed

Actually, the trail was nice, but I prefer sniffing things, not looking at silly trails and waterfalls. Besides, I wasn’t allowed to play in the water anyhow. 😦

Behr on trail framed

I’m pretty sure I could smell something really interesting, like maybe a racoon or something. I couldn’t find him though. 

We saw a nice little waterfall on the way to the big one.

trail waterfall framed

The big one was a crazy waterfall with a cave behind it!! 

Inside of Cave  framed 1

Here’s what the waterfall looks like from inside the cave.

Inside of cave  framed2

It’s pretty dark in there, and there aren’t any animals in there, either. Boring.

Mom and Dad like the waterfalls, but I just like the trails. I’m always trying to track down other animals and say “hi” to them.

Behr in bushes framed

One thing about me that Mom thinks is funny, is that I can see another animal and not care about chasing them at all. I wait patiently until they’re gone and REALLY enjoy following their trail!! I will follow their trail almost right up to them and then wait for them to go away so I can continue following the trail.

That’s ’cause I’m a sniffer dog. 🙂  My friend Duke is a sniffer dog too, which is why we are good friends.

♥ Behr Behr, the cave sniffer dog. 🙂

feed the bears1

While we were on vacation in the far away place called “Oregon” we hiked on lots and lots and lots of trails.

You know, I think humans believe we dogs just walk along with no absolutely no thoughts in our heads. How silly!! Our minds are quite busy!

For example, I do a lot of sniffing when we walk because I’m gathering information about who/what was on each trail.

Behr sniffing bushes framed

I’m actually writing a travel guide for dogs that will be called,”Makes Scents to Me”, based on the information that I’ve collected. 

I don’t think Mom knows what I’m doing, since she tells people it’s like walking a vacuum, ’cause my head is glued to the ground. Really, I’m really working hard.

 Another thing I do is listen to what Mom and Dad are talking about. I’m always trying to increase my vocabulary.

When I don’t understand a word or phrase, I store it away until I do. 

That means a lot of times what I hear is stuff like, “Blah blah blah blah BEHR. Blah blah FOOD. Blah blah blah WALK blah DOG blah PLAY blah blah TOYS.”

Then every once in a while, I suddenly understand a phrase I’ve heard before. For example, on the trails we hiked, there were a lot of bridges. 

Behr on bridge framed

On one bridge, I remembered Dad says, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there”, and suddenly I understood what he meant. When we came to the bridge, sure enough we crossed it.

One of the bridges we walked across actually had a cover, and a light bulb went on in my head as I remembered hearing Mom say, “No worries, we’ve got that one covered.” OH, she means a covered bridge! 

covered bridge framed

As we walked along the trail beside a creek, I realized when Dad says something about being “Up a creek without a paddle” he means one of these creeks.

creek framed

Of course we didn’t have any paddles with us. In fact, we didn’t bring our raft either. I guess that’s what he says when he realizes he forgot our raft.

Wow, I’m learning so much on this trip!!

Of course, we saw about 596 waterfalls as we hiked.

Waterfall 1 framed

waterfall 2 framed

Don’t worry, we won’t put all of those pictures on my blog. Mom can get her own blog if she wants to do that. I let her post those two because she types this for me.

When I’m walking, I’m also watching out for other animals. You never know when one will cross our path, like the squirrel that was taunting me from the tree.

Behr with tree framed

If you think your humans also believe you walk along with an empty mind, here’s a little tip for you. Just scroll back up to the phrase above, “You know, I think humans believe we dogs just walk along with no absolutely no thoughts in our heads.”  Then walk away from the computer, kind of “accidentally on purpose” (if you know what I mean) leaving the computer on so that they will read this. 

I think after they do, they will feel embarrassed. Then they will start bending down to look you in the eye and talking verrrrry slowly, like they do when talking to older humans who can’t hear very well.

That’s a lot better than if they continue to talk right over your head and pretend you don’t understand. They’re only kidding themselves, and you can help them get rid of this bad habit. It’s our job to try our best to train them.

Until next time, stay safe… “It’s a jungle out there!” He he he.


Behr on trail framed


♥ Behr Behr, your trail guide 🙂

Mom and I were going through the rest of our vacation photos and found this picture of a sign (from a different waterfall).

It should have been on the edge of the cliff I fell over in my last post.

We think they should put one up for dogs, too. 🙂 

watch the edge framed

♥ Behr Behr, signing out for today 🙂

It was my Mom’s birthday while we were on vacation in Oregon. To celebrate, she wanted to have a picnic and hike to a waterfall called Wakheena. I’m glad that’s not MY name. I like Behr Behr better.

So we found a great spot to have our lunch and then start up the trail. 

Picnic area framed

Are we there yet??

Behr on trail framed 2

On the trail, some squirrels ran right in front of me and made funny noises.

I’m sure they were laughing because I was on a leash and couldn’t chase them.  That was mean.

Falls 1

Once again, we saw water, but I couldn’t play in it.

We hiked up higher and higher to get more views of the falls.

Falls 2 framed

We were near the waterfall when something or other broke and Mom and Dad were trying to fix it. They were looking at the broken thing, and I was behind them sniffing fun stuff.

A group of people walked by on the narrow trail we were on, and I tried to move out of their way to be polite. Suddenly my feet were on ground broke away at the edge of the trail, and I fell over the cliff!!!

I was SOOOO scared because I was hanging by my leash and my feet couldn’t touch any ground. Mom and Dad were screaming and grabbed me to hang on and try to pull me back up. It’s not easy to pull a dog my size back up a cliff, just so you know.

Fortunately they succeeded, and I am still be here to tell you this story. Whew!!!  That was a super duper scary thing for all of us! 

After Mom and Dad calmed down, they took this picture of me by Wakheena.

Behr by Wahkeena Falls framed 2

Can you tell by the way I’m standing that I was still scared? I really was.

I love hiking, but this time I was happy to just go back to our campsite. 

Behr on trail framed 1

When we got back to our tent, Mom and Dad kept petting me all night and telling me how happy they were to still have me.

Mom said the fact that she still had her Behr Behr was the best birthday gift of all.

That made me feel all happy inside.

I’m glad I’m still here too. 

♥ Behr Behr, the stunt doggie. Not.

One of the first places we hiked to in Oregon * was a waterfall my Mom had wanted to see for a long time. Mom and Dad love to hike to waterfalls in every state they can. This particular waterfall is called Multnohma. 

At first I thought Mom was talking about somebody’s nice mutt dog who had lost his mother (mutt no ma). I was picturing a cute, mixed breed puppy who needed his mom, and we were going to go search for her. I got dressed up in my search harness and was ready to go.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to find out we were only going to go see some water. It was worse when I got there and found out that about 1,342,067 other people and their puppies wanted to see the water too. Oh, and we had to all share the same trail.

Benson Bridge framed

Anyhow, it turns out that it the crowds were there because the bridge, whose name is Benson, had been broken by a REALLY big rock that the mountain threw at him. He was all better now, so people could come see him.  Benson was 100 years old, so I guess I understand why he got broken so badly.

Benson Bridge framed 2

Benson the bridge is 52 ft. long and 5.8 ft. wide. With that in mind, a 4 ft X 4 ft hole is not good. Actually, that’s not as bad as the last time Benson got broken. That time a rock the size of a school bus fell during a wedding and created a tidal wave 300 ft. high that washed over the bridge. The total height of the waterfall is 620 ft, but the rock fell from 542 ft. I think it would have been a lot more fun to be there that day, ’cause at least I could have played in the water.

Benson Bridge framed 3

Benson Bridge framed 4

Here’s a picture of me with Benson. It was taken in a hurry in between people walking by. Can you tell I’m drooling? I’m waiting for my snack.

I wouldn’t look at Mom’s camera because Dad had the snacks in his hand. I kept my foot on his shadow so he wouldn’t go anywhere until he gave me the snacks. Smart, huh?

Behr on Benson Bridge Multnomha

So, that was our day with Benson. I’m glad that mean ‘ole mountain didn’t throw any rocks at him while we were there.

♥ Behr Behr, the bridge playing puppy 🙂 *story began with this post

I don’t know how it is where you live, but where I live, dogs have to always be attached to their humans if they aren’t in their own house or yard.

It’s not that I don’t like being close to them, but sometimes I really just want to kick into high gear and run like the wind, you know?

I never get to do that unless we are way, way out in the forest, and even some forests don’t allow dogs to run without dragging their owners along. Seriously, what a drag. 

I was SO happy when I found out we were going hiking! Yes!!!! The song, “Happy Trails” was dancing through my head as we got ready to go.

Happy Trails framed

Trail framed

At one point Mom stopped and took everything off of me, setting me free.

You can’t imagine how good it felt when they let me walk by myself! 

I stood there for a minute in disbelief…..

Behr on trail 1 framed

and then I just took off running as fast as I could. *

Behr on trail 2 framed

There’s nothing like trail zoomies!!

I’m running so fast that I’m lifting off into “hover dog” mode!

Behr on trail 3 framed

Every once in a while, I stopped to admire my totally pawsome

paw prints in the trail 🙂 

Behr on trail 4 framed

Eventually, I got tired and slowed down to a normal trot. 

Behr on trail 5 framed

I was one happy trail dog.

♥ Behr Behr, the fastest hover dog in the West 🙂

*Sorry, Mom found out after we got back that the new camera she and Dad bought took lousy photos of anything moving.  VERY disappointing!! They looked good on the camera, but not on the computer when we got home 😦

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