About 25 years ago (in dog years), my good friend, Honey tagged me with the game “Where I sleep.” Sorry it’s taken me so long to post my answer. Remember, I don’t have little paws to type with and have to depend on my secretary mom to help me.  If I could type, I’d be posting about 6 or 7 times a day at least!

Unfortunately, Mom hasn’t been taking very many pictures of me sleeping for whatever reason. I told her she really needs to capture everything I do because it’s  all so cute. I can’t believe she has missed this part of my life!   So, here are the few we DO have.

First of all, I just have to show you how cute I was the day I got my new home.  The day I got my mom and dad, we had a  LONNNNNNG ride home in the car. When we got home, I ate dinner and then went to bed. I didn’t even explore my new home like Honey did.  I did that the next day tho!!!

Hey, what’s with that bright flashy light in my face?

I loved it when Mom and Dad tucked me in like this 🙂  It was a very cold day in the winter when I got my new home, and it was nice of them to tuck me in.

I still like to be tucked in, but Mom and Dad don’t do that anymore.  I figured out how to cover myself up with a blanket and tuck myself in tho, and I’m proud of it!! Nobody ever taught me how to do this. I can’t cover myself as well as they did when they tucked me in, but I try anyhow.  Usually I cover myself and lay on my side, but Dad took this photo of me when I covered myself while laying on my back.  That was hard work!

Even tho I have a bed called a Kuranda, I still love my old kennel and like to sleep in it late at night. I start out asleep on the Kuranda, but usually go find my kennel and get in it. Sometimes I even squish myself into it sideways, just for fun! I have plenty of room if I sleep the right way, but that’s boring. I do still have to have my “security zebra”, or a blankie in my mouth.

Sometimes Mom or Dad let me move my bed onto the porch so I can watch the squirrels. Once in a while, when there is no squirrel activity, I take a nap on the porch like this…

When we go camping, I get to sleep during the day outside in the grass on a bed, but we don’t have any photos.  I also still sleep in the tent in my portable crate (pop up crate) ’cause Mom and Dad are worried about me chewing up their sleeping bags.  That’s silly.  I only chew up my own blankies. All we have are photos of me in my old hard crate in the tent, not the pop up crate, sorry.  By the way, if you notice the can of bear spray on top of my crate, I just want you to know it’s not for me.  It’s in case of a real bear 🙂 My zebra goes with me everywhere, even camping. See him taking a nap in my crate when I wasn’t in there?

All I have is an old photo of me when my ears were still in tape.  It was super cold, so I’m using my coat as p.j.’s.  I love to be warm, so I don’t chew up my coat ’cause I need it. Mom’s happy about that.

So, that’s the only photos I have to show you. Mom said she’ll try to take more “everyday” pictures of me in the future.

I’m not sure who has already gotten tagged for this game, but if you haven’t and you want to be, consider yourself tagged. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr AKA “sleeping beauty”