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My mom just watched this Ted talk with me today. We were both totally STUNNED!!

Don’t panic; no one shot a stun gun at us. That’s just a saying 🙂

Mom’s sad that she didn’t know these things when I was little. I’m sad that all of my puppyhood friends are gone now.

The title of this talk sounds like it’s only about dogs, BUT it’s about cats too. You might want to know about some cats that lived to be 34 and 38 years old! The oldest dog was “only” 31 years old.

People who blog for their furry family members do so because they love and celebrate their companionship. It only makes sense to do what you can to have as many years with them as possible.

Watch the 16 minute movie for the 5 tips. Then send all of your friends a link to watch it too. Together we can change this downward trend of pet lifespans!!

♥♥ Behr Behr, the Furever Dog 🙂

Note from Behr’s mom: I’ve created an additional page on this blog to add notes from this talk here.

I put the notes on a different page, since Behr’s not really into the science part of what she talks about. She’s very outgoing and just likes to talk about whatever is on her mind at the moment. We balance each other out that way 🙂




This is my scary face for the Scary Caturday Blog Hop.

Bat dog framed

Bat dog

For comparison, here’s a real bat…


(bat photo source:http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/common-vampire-bat/)

You need to understand WHY I would even try to look like a bat. (Ok, you have to remember I was just a little immature puppy when I did this)

When I was little, I got into EVERY THING. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!

For Mom and Dad to eat dinner in peace, they would put me in my crate and shut the door.

I would do my bat imitation to get their attention. It worked every time. They would laugh so hard they couldn’t eat. 🙂 

♥ Behr Behr the Bat Dog


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Here’s a yummy snack that Mom started giving me to help me become and stay healthy. It is EASY PEASY!!

Here’s all you need: Ready to start - framed

The jar contains Mom’s homemade bone broth, but you can also  buy pre-made. If you’ve never made broth, it’s super easy. Mom just throws bones in a crock pot for about 24 hours (or more if she’s busy), strains the broth so I only get the yummy liquid (NO BONES!!!). Everyone in our family knows my favorite kitchen appliance is the crock pot. 🙂

Mix equal parts bone broth and raw goat’s milk and pour into cute molds, like these:

Heart mold full- Framed

Bone mold - framed

And here’s the finished treat…

Finished snacks - framed

Hey, enough with the pictures. Just give me the popsicle before it melts!!

Time to eat - framed

Nom Nom 🙂 

♥♥ Behr Behr, the Queen of Hearts

Note from Behr’s mom: If you still feel intimidated about making bone broth, here’s a veterinarian showing you how she makes it and why she gives it to her dogs: (Dr Karen Becker)

She goes through more steps than I do, and I prefer to not leave a pot on the stove that I’m not watching. (thus the crock pot)  Bone broth is full of minerals and also collagen and glycine that help with detoxifying AND rebuilding health. Glycine (highest food source is bone broth) also helps with liver repair.

To keep from adding more toxins, I would use the purest water you can obtain (not tap water) and if you can afford it, organic bones (+ grass fed if beef or lamb bones).

I also used raw goat’s milk, which is sold in most states for pets. It is sold in frozen form. The brand I used also has turmeric (anti-inflammatory and detoxifier) and probiotics. It is tested for pathogens before being sold. You can read about it here: https://primalpetfoods.com/products/raw-goat-milk#variant=36507811666. You could also buy other brands that are local to your area, or even dehydrated if none is available. A special thank you to Krisser’s Natural Pet store for introducing me to this recipe.

Field of Dreams

Note: This is part 3 of my poisoning story. To understand this part, you should read part 1 and part 2 first)

Some GOOD things happened after my yummy snack poisoning incident too. Mom said that humans say “Every cloud has a silver lining”, meaning finding good in a very bad situation. I’ve never seen a shiny silver cloud, but I DID see my poop get shiny. Does that count?

Anyhow, when I was sick, I was super cold and shivering a lot. Mom started tucking me in bed and called me her “Behr Behr Burrito.” That was wonderfully cozy, like my “nest” with my dog mom and siblings. I decided she needed to do that EVERY night forever and ever!

Now at night I go find her, make her follow me to my bed and I REFUSE to get in until she tucks me in. I’ve got her trained really well. 🙂

Behr Behr Burrito Framed

(Yes, I’m sucking on my blankie. Don’t laugh)

The other good things is that I get WAYYY more yummy snacks now. (even better than horse poop!) I get things like bone broth and yummy “pupscicles” and veggie stuff. Mom can tell you how she makes them in other posts if you want.

So here’s the funny thing. After I had all of the medicines from the hospital and afterward, Mom gave me the snacks and some vitamins to help me get rid of the yucky chemicals. BUT, she forgot warn me the aluminum from the medicine she was detoxing would make my poop shiny!

How did this happen

Oh My DOG!! How shocking!

shiny poop framed

The other dogs who saw my poop were jealous!! I am totally top dog in the neighborhood now.

♥♥ Behr Behr, the silver lining dog

One of Behr’s medicines, Sucralfate, was very high in aluminum. She had also ingested the insecticide in the horse poop plus lots of other chemicals. I felt it best to rid her body of as many of those as possible in order for her to heal best. I sought help from veterinarians and doctors and did LOTS of research to do so. (OK, so I’m a research junkie. I read medical research papers for hours on end…)

Our dogs are ALL exposed to lots of chemicals on a daily basis. Many interfere with their immune system and are toxic over time. Dogs with reduced kidney function or certain gastrointestinal issues have an even more difficult time clearing these from their systems.

Aluminum, for example, is poorly absorbed when ingested. It is in medicines, certain foods, aluminum foil, cookware, some fertilizers, and even some water. Those are oral exposures.

Unfortunately, they also come in contact with it through their rabies, lepto, and Lyme vaccines by being directly injected into the blood stream. Cats, in particular, can develop cancers at the injection site (called “Vaccine Associated Sarcomas”)

So, I gave her things like bone broth, increased raw sulfur rich veggies, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), collagen powder, and raw goat’s milk to help with the detoxification process. It was a joy to see her health bounce back and to have our little “Behr Behr” happy and healthy again. 🙂

Extra note– I’m willing to add another page to include the science behind what to try and what research shows about it. These are things I’ve discovered for building our furry companion’s health and longevity >>IF<< there is enough interest. I’m not sure what the readers of this blog are looking for. I know that where ever I go with Behr people stop me and ask what in the world I’m doing that makes her so healthy and age so well. (they don’t even know the challenges she’s had that make that even MORE of an amazing feat!!!!)

That way I can keep these posts shorter and add my info. on another page.

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in that.

One more thing: Legal counsel makes me say this:

I am neither a medical doctor or veterinarian. I don’t even play one on T.V. Information provided here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is for educational purposes only.

The information provided this website is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your licensed veterinarian, and should not be construed as  medical advice of any sort. It is a resource meant to inspire further self-research and to take to your licensed veterinarian.

By using any of this information, or reading it, you are accepting responsibility for your own health and health decisions and expressly release the owners of the blog from any and all liability whatsoever, including that arising from any misadventure caused by actions taken or not taken as a result of the information or content presented on this website. The FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) has not evaluated the statements or claims on this website. Reading this website denotes your understanding and agreement to our full disclaimer.

Whew! For any animal who read all of that legalese, you should grab your favorite stuffy toy and run around the yard vigorously just to de-stress!


(If you haven’t read part 1 of this story, please do so here :Poisoned part 1 )

Boy was I SCARED being in that hospital all by myself! I was super sick and Mom and Dad were nowhere around to hold me and tell me it would be ok. 😦 I just wanted to go home to my own bed and family.

The hospital place did all kinds of scary things to me and they didn’t even remember to feed me. Totally mean!! Sometimes I would cough and choke until I couldn’t breathe.

FINALLY Mom came for me and we went home. Unfortunately, I had to go back again because my lips and gums were turning blue. Is blue really a bad thing?

I had to take some yucky medicine to help heal my throat and I couldn’t run anymore without trouble breathing. Since I LOVE to run (even zoomie runs in our house), this was depressing. It was almost a year before I could run more than about 1 minute without the coughing and choking thing.

so depressed 😦

You can see the spot on my leg where I had something called ivy. (I.V.)

IVY marks

At least Mom and Dad took turns sleeping on the floor close by me, which was comforting. When I got really scared from they would pet me and calm me down!!

Mom did everything she could to help me get better and to live, and it worked. I’m really glad she did, and that I lived to tell you all about it! 

♥ The (Phoenix) Behr Behr

Mom’s side of the story.. Behr’s difficulty breathing was such a concern that we took turns sleeping by her so we could listen in case she stopped breathing. We never knew when she would have to be rushed back to the vet again, and were on edge for WEEKS after this crazy incident. We also didn’t know if she would EVER be her normal self again,  and we felt so sad for her. It was obvious that the the choking scared her a lot. (us too)

During this whole ordeal, Behr apparently damaged her esophagus, causing ulcers on it. She was put on a medication called Sucralfate that helped her heal, but had it’s own set of complications. (Most medications side effects of some sort) The medication itself can cause difficulty breathing and vomiting, which only added to the problem. Besides that, I was concerned about the fact that this medicine is 21 % aluminum by weight, which is also a neurotoxin (as was the insecticide).

When she was done with this whole episode, my next project was to find out how to DETOX all of the chemicals used during the event and to restore her health. I’ll tell you more about what I did in the next post, since some of it applies to things our dogs are exposed to in their daily lives.

Behr’s mom 🙂


It all started out as a fun hike with mom on a lovely spring morning. She took me to one of MY favorite trails.



I like it because a big part of it is on private land and the owner said I can run around without being tied to Mom with that silly leash thing.

Behr running in field

Mom took me to the field where she finally un-hooked me so I could run and play. Yippee!! I LOVE deep grass!! I stopped to rest for a minute and then we were off to the top of the mountains.

Behr after run

I got to run free ahead of Mom at the distance I’m allowed. We stopped for water and snacks at the top like we usually do. You can see part of the trail we came up in the photo.


On the way down, I was running ahead on the trail. This was the last photo Mom took because “the incident” happened right after she took this photo.

Road back home from hike

So, as I was leading Mom on the trail, I spied a yummy green snack lying on the ground. Perfect! Mom didn’t give me any greens today. Just in case Mom didn’t want me finding my own snacks (sometimes she doesn’t appreciate my help), I glanced to make sure she was too far away to stop me and grabbed the snack.

Sure enough, she ran toward me and tried to get the snack out of my mouth. Ha! I still got a bunch of it anyhow 🙂 

We were almost back to our car when I started to feel super SUPER sick.. I had trouble breathing, was trembling, stumbling, and vomiting and drooling a lot with my now blue lips. Everything after that is just a blur. All I remember is having to go to the animal hospital. 😦 I guess Mom will have to tell you what happened next. 

We’ll finish the story tomorrow, so stay tuned.

♥ Behr Behr, the (Phoenix) Dane

Wow! What a scare! One minute Behr Behr was a happy puppy running free on the hills, the next, a terrified and desperately sick girl. The yummy green “treat” that she helped herself too was horse poop. Normally gross, but not dangerous.

It turns out that this particular horse had been given what’s called a “pass- through” insecticide to cause it’s poop to be a neurotoxin for flies attracted to it. The vet ultimately said the dose for a 1500 pound horse ended up in a 105 pound dog. NOT GOOD!!

When I arrived at the animal hospital, they took one look at her and ran toward her, scooped her up, and dashed off to a treatment room with her. (weird hospital didn’t even let me go with her…!) They said she looked poisoned. I was honestly scared at this point, and didn’t know if she would make it. They finally sent me home and said they would keep me posted. (ugh. They saved her life, but I won’t return to THAT hospital again!!)

I didn’t even get to hug her goodbye or comfort her or anything.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much at all while she was gone because they said they weren’t sure she would live through this.

Stay tuned for part 2 Saturday …

I’ve asked Mom to help me write my blog again because I miss all of my friends in the blogosphere. I HAD to ask for help because it’s too hard for me to type with my paws 🙂 Could somebody please invent a keyboard for dogs!?

Mom and I went through some REALLY scary and difficult things since I last wrote to you. BUT…we’re still here together! So, it was only natural that we come back as a team this time.

I have survived being poisoned, partially paralyzed, major toxins and more. Whew! I told you it’s been “RUFF.” Amazingly, Mom had similar things happen. Since it’s my blog, though, we’ll mainly talk about HOW I survived all of these. Mom can start her own blog if she wants to talk about her stuff in detail.

Hey, have you ever realized what a scary word “detail” is?? I’d sure be scared to lose MY tail!!?? Nothing like a de-tailed dog.

I also have GOOD things to tell you about!!! In spite of all of the above, I’ve won LOTS of titles in a dog competition called “nosework”, and I’m the 1st Great Dane to do so. WooHoo!!! I showed them just how SMART Great Danes can be!!!

As for my age, I’m going to be >>> 11 <<< in a few weeks. People stop us where ever we go and are absolutely STUNNED when they hear my age. One vet we saw said he had never even seen a Dane my age before. It’s even more amazing that I’m this healthy and active after my little… um…calamities.

Mom suggested our comeback title be “Team Phoenix” to describe us.

Hmmm.We’ve been to Phoenix before, and I don’t see anything that resembles us there.

Phoenix City Framed

(Photo by DGustafson Photo via Good Free Photos)

Oh, wait! Maybe she’s talking about her favorite flashlight in the whole world…a Fenix PD35. Of course! The flashlight that saved us from the mountain lion! (but that’s a different story for later) My mom is a bit of a flashlight geek. She always has to have the best,newest, brightest and so on. {Note from Behr’s mom to FENIX- if you’re reading this, please feel free to send me prototypes to test!!}

Fenix Flashlight framed

They ARE really handy when we’re camping or hiking. Helps her find my toys and snacks in the dark, and important things like that

Even though that sounded like it fit, she said we are “team phoenix” because of some silly bird that rises from the ashes of a fire.

Phoenix bird framed

(https://pixabay.com/en/phoenix-bird-fire-bright-red-swing-1440452/ Creative Commons photos)

That sounds pretty goofy to me. I wouldn’t ever even lie down in ashes because they are messy and I don’t like the heat at all. I guess if I were a phoenix bird, I’d be happy to fly away from the ashes too.

So, we’re back and telling you all about our adventures AND about the things we’ve learned that have kept me healthy through everything. I’ll write about the adventures (or misadventures…) and Mom about the health stuff.

♥ Behr Behr, the (Phoenix) Bird Dog (not)


Hi. Behr Behr’s mom here. So glad you’ve joined us on the blog. I’ll be writing about how I’ve had to abandon my criticism of alternative medicine (after spending my whole career working in standard Western medicine), and admit that alternative can actually work. How humbling and eye-opening that has been for me.

Yet, it is because of Behr Behr that I have been sent on a major research journey discovering what I can do to save her live and maintain her health. I only wish I had learned earlier what I now know. 

I’ll be adding in the health, detox, and mountains of research comments during our comeback. Hope you’ll join us, even if that’s not your current interest.

It’s me, Behr Behr! Mom and I are coming back and team writing my blog now.

Behr in Pink Frame









Ok, so I’m a little older now and some of my pretty black coat has washed off and looks white….but INSIDE I’m still ME, Behr Behr! Still as fun-loving as ever, only a bit wiser.

I’m coming back in the next few days to share not only my silly insightful view of life, but to tell you how I have narrowly escaped death a few times. Indiana Jones, move over. My life’s been a FAR more exciting ride!

Stay tuned! 

Love, Indiana Behr Behr (bwahaha…)


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