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P.S. – You can see my polar bear tongue

remnant here.

Boy was I super excited when I found out my brother, Guy, was coming to visit! He is in a temporary home right now, and the owner had to make a trip down to where we live, so she brought him for me to visit with. We don’t know what happened to his ear, but it makes him kinda cute anyhow.

We met them at a semi-private dog park so we could run and play together. I also got to see my grandmother!!! She used to look SO big to me, but I’m almost her size now, except I’m skinnier right now. She is a blue dane, turning grey. Does that make her a “Grey” Dane? (who is still great!!)

Guy had a home, once, but something went very wrong and he ended up homeless. His coat is still on the mend, so we are guessing he was maybe left outside, too. NOT a good thing for a great dane like us. Other than that, he was in good shape. He is super friendly and is much more calm and gentle acting than I am, but then again, I’m a Behr “Bear”.

Here are photos of us running around and playing with Guy’s piggie toy. He still loves toys, like me! It was sure fun playing with someone my size.  Mom didn’t have to always worry about me accidentally hurting him like she does with some of my smaller friends.

Yikes! He’s after me! Run, Behr, Run!!!

Woo hoo! Guy knows how to play leapfrog!

It was such a treat to see my fur family. We had SOOOO much fun playing! I went to sleep that night dreaming of them, and Mom said I was barking and running in my sleep all night. That’s ok, I was reliving all of the joys and fun of the day. I’ll probably relive it over and over, too.

♥ Behr Behr, AKA “Running Bear”

Oh my, it’s already Tuesday again! EEK! Fortunately, Mom and I already wrote our blog post for this week earlier in the week before our lives got super busy. Hopefully she can tell you all about it in the next few days sometime. I got to see and play with my brother, Guy (who still needs a home..), go on a hike, go to a cool park, attend a grand opening for a pet store, and I’m still in sniffing class…and more fun stuff. This week is full of activity as well, so hopefully we can post at least some of my adventures soon. Sorry for “hibernating” again. Stay tuned!

♥ Behr Behr, the busy busy bear…



PS- Don’t forget to sign the petitions if you are interested…(tiny URL is a website that shrinks URL’s, if you’re wondering…)

(read a special report about bear baiting from WSPA if you are interested)


My poor brother, “Guy” lost his home and needs a new place to live. I feel so sad for him.  I know I would be super sad if I lost my home and toys and mom and dad 😦

If anyone is looking for a blue male dane, check him out. From what I understand, he is on the small side like me. (our parents were big, but Guy and I ended up small)

More information here:

If you are in So. Cal, he has a potential ride down this way tomorrow. Short notice, but worth mentioning.

♥ Behr Behr

Did you know there are eight types of bears in the world? Well, nine, counting me. I’m the only “Behr Behr”, and Mom says I’m the BEST bear of all 🙂

Here’s the first one.



♥ Behr Behr, the BEST bear of all… cuz  Mom said so, that’s why 🙂


Woo Hoo!! What a happy day I had today!!!!

We went on a long car ride to a new place. When we got there, I could hear some other dogs barking, so I figured we were at that vet’s place again.  Boy was I glad we weren’t! Instead, we were at a new place that had fun sounds and great smells everywhere.

What?? A class?  Gosh, I haven’t been in a class since I was in puppy class. I didn’t exactly graduate from puppy class, and I’m proud of it. I just couldn’t sit still, kept barking and howling and trying to tell everyone I wanted to play with them, and dragged Mom and Dad all over the place to sniff everything.  The teacher didn’t like that for some reason.  I wouldn’t listen to her when she asked me to do something boring either. No way!!! I want to run around like a wild dog and sniff!!! I LIKE to sniff everything, all the time.  Mom says when she walks me it’s like walking a vacuum cleaner, but that can’t be right ‘cause I don’t make those horrible vacuum cleaner sounds.

Guess what? I’m in a SNIFFING class now, and I love it!!! I am in total dog Heaven with this class.  They put me in my crate and I have to wait a long time, like 4 months I think. Every once in a while I scratch a whole bunch on the crate to remind them I’m ready to come out and play. Then after a while they hear the sounds of my scratching and let me out so I can run and sniff.

Then they hide one of my toys and I get to race through the building and look for it.  When I finally find it, we get to play a whole bunch, and I get snacks too.  Now that’s MY kind of class!!!  I LOVE sniffing!!!  I heard Mom and Dad talking to the people there, and they said there are a whole bunch of classes for me to go to, but I have to pass this one first.  Keep your paws crossed for me, ok?  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

♥ Behr Behr, the scratch and sniff puppy

Sorry, Mom has had the flu and hasn’t even posted any of my photos and stuff lately. Hopefully she will soon. I know she’s been following me around with that silly camera again, so she should have plenty to show you. Meanwhile, here’s another silly bear in the news. This story actually happened fairly close to our house!

Like this…

♥ Behr Behr

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