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Hi. I’m going to tell you a secret. I’m addicted to socks. I’m not sure when it all began, but since I’m only 10 months old, I’d say it’s been a problem most of my life. I just can’t help it, I LOVE socks!!!!!!! I simply can’t stay away from them.

Mom and Dad try their best to hide their socks from me, but no sock is safe with me around. I think the socks are scared of me now, even tho I’m nice to them. I will hunt them down and steal them, and I can do it without Mom and Dad ever even seeing me. I MUST HAVE SOCKS! All of them.

I wait until Mom or Dad opens their closet or drawers, and then I casually saunter by as if I’m asking for them to pet me. They usually do ‘cause they think I’m so cute. It makes a great distraction, and causes them to relax their guard a little. Then when they turn their head for even a split second, whoosh! I grab a sock, and then casually meander out of the room as if nothing is wrong. With a mouth as big as mine, the sock is completely hidden, and even if I turn around and look at them they won’t see it. Ha Ha. Sometimes I open the closet or clothes hamper and steal one. No matter where I am in the house, if I hear a drawer or closet open, I’m there in a flash. Laundry being folded is another great opportunity.

Before you feel sorry for the socks, I want you to know that I have never, ever torn a sock up at all. I just love to collect them and kind of “mouth” them softly. Not one single tooth mark, either.

I don’t understand why Mom and Dad always take the socks away from me. Can you talk to them and ask them to stop doing that please? I really do want to keep them. I’ll take good care of them, honest.

Behr Behr, professional sock thief 🙂


my almost sister from Australia gave me a pretty card called the ‘Blogging Friends Forever’ card. It looks like a gold credit card, but when I tried to buy something online with it, alas, it was not able to be used as money. Darn. I was hoping to buy a whole bunch of bear toys and ship them to my house. Oh well.

So, I’m supposed to pass the card on, and here are official rules:

1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.

3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award. (double check)

My four dedicated followers that will receive this gold card are:

Lorenza, best dressed Doxie in Mexico. Probably in the whole world, in fact. She must have a closet bigger than my house for all of those pretty dresses!

Rusty, capt. Of the squirrel patrol, and president of the new Squirrel Patrol Union. He’s probably so busy running his new union that he doesn’t even have time to write anymore.

Dennis, entreprenuer extrordinaire, and adventure hero.

Sissy, of Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy fame. I hope you guys are still there. Haven’t heard from you for a while.

And my newest friend,

Dobby, one of my newest friends, will get the 5th card. Ok, I know he doesn’t live in another country, but to a puppy, the other side of the U.S. is as far away as another country.

Enjoy your card, my friends.

♥ Behr Behr

Oh, hi there! Nice of you to stop by.

So, whatcha lookin’ at up there?

♥ Behr Behr 🙂

It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor. I sure need one to live with my parents.

The first nine weeks of my life were spent running free and being loved by my mom and 10 brothers and sisters. I didn’t have to wear anything on my body back then. Then I was SO excited when I got a home all by myself, complete with ALL of the food, ALL of the snacks, All of the toys, and ALL of the attention. Yipee!!!

What I didn’t realize was, there were strings attached. Seems my parents think it’s funny to be putting things on my body all the time. I was ok with the leash since it was my ticket to walkies. I was ok with the raincoat because I prefer not to get wet when it’s cold outside anyhow. I was even ok with other coats ‘cause they keep me warm, which is a good thing when you have short hair like me. Bandanas are a good thing too, since they let me know we’re going somewhere fun. I hated the boots they tried to make me wear, and hope I don’t have to embarrass myself trying to walk in them again. I looked like a puppy who was just learning to walk or something.

So what is it now? I don’t know. For some goofy reason they seem to think I should be wearing pants. Yeah, you heard that right, pants. Actually, they look more like fancy diapers or something. I have to wear them all the time, too, not just when we go somewhere. I sure hope they get over this phase pretty soon. I’m trying to be nice about it and hoping that when they finally notice how good I’m being, they will stop dressing me up like this. I’m thinking that if I don’t show any reaction, they will stop this nonsense, and when they do stop, I’ll reward their good behavior with lots of kisses and stuff. That’s how you train parents, you know. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

To everything there is a season. Hopefully this one will be over with soon.

♥Behr Behr, AKA “Miss Fancy Pants”

I’ve been tagged by cute little  Dobby for a quick quiz. ( I love the photo of you on your homepage, by the way.) Anyhow, thanks, Dobby. Here goes:

What is your name? Behr (or Behr Behr)

If you could change your name, what would it be? Your Royal Highness, Princess Behr Behr. I don’t think my parents will go for it, tho. They only call me silly little names.

What is your pet’s name? Does my stuffed moose count? Or my leopard?

What is your brother or sister’s name? Don’t have any. I am an only (fur) child.

Last of all, I need to tag as many dogs as the letters in my name. Let’s see, Behr is 4 letters, so I’m gonna tag:

Rusty (welcome back by the way)

Lorenza (AKA pretty girl)

Thor (golden boy)

And Chelsea, my almost twin.

Behr Behr

That’s the dog version of the game “Chutes and Ladders” in case you didn’t know it. Ha Ha. 🙂 (say shoots -hund -ladders…)

Schutzhund is German for “protection dog”. You can read more about what this is here. Police dogs and search and rescue dogs are schutzhund trained, for example. There are even competitions for schutzhund titles.

(by the way, even though my name, Behr, is German, I’m a dane and my family is Scottish)

Anyhow, I think the kid’s version sounds way more fun. I finally found a chute and ladder big enough for a puppy my size to play with. This one is almost 4 stories high!

Here’s what it looks like from my view point.

I’m ready to play if any other big puppies want to come over and check out my dane sized “chutes and ladders” game. We could have “Game Day at Behr Behr’s.” BYOS though. (bring your own snacks)   I want all of mine for myself. You mess with my snacks and I might just become a schutzhund dog after all.

I will share my water with you.

♥ Oh Chute! It’s Behr Behr, signing off. Ha Ha! 🙂

Oops. Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m a nice shark. No, seriously, it’s just me, Behr Behr, PRETENDING I’m a shark.

My mom likes the cartoon called “Sherman’s Lagoon” about another nice shark like me. Sometimes Sherman is pretty funny, in fact. He’s kind of a “yuppie” shark, complete with a laptop, cell phone, membership to a golf club, and lots of other “yuppie” type things.

I decided to surprise her with my best shark imitation the other day, and she snapped some photos of me to show you. I told her it was ok. I’m pretending to be a hammerhead shark, and I’m even holding my tail up like a shark fin 🙂

♥ Behr Behr (AKA “jaws”) ><>

Wow! I got another award, this one passed on to me by my squirrel chasing friend, Rusty.

Thank you, my friend, and yes, I humbly accept my award. Well, I’m trying to stay humble. “Brillante” means brilliant, bright, glossy, shining like a diamond. Gosh, Mom said that pretty well describes me, the princess puppy! Ok, when I roll in the dirt I’m not as glossy, but otherwise it fits me. Mom and Dad think I’m brilliant, whatever that means. As for the “diamond” part of the definition, it’s obviously referring to my multi-faceted talents, like hovering, shredding, bat imitations, and sign spinning. Thank you, Rusty, for the compliment!

As honored as I feel receiving this award, I must say some of my friends are very deserving (if not more!) of this award as well. Rather than keep it all to myself, I want to share it with three of those friends. I love the fact that we can be friends, even though some of us live pretty far away from each other.

So, with that, I’m excited to pass it on to:

Chelsea, of Australia, because she’s such a “girly girl”, glossy, shiny, and as beautiful as the finest cut diamond. She brilliantly gets along with other dogs and people, and even helps her mom at work. I don’t get to go to work with my mom.

Amber Mae, of Malaysia, because she is the brightest dog I know! She has won so MANY dog shows, and is extremely talented and beautiful. Her blog is always exciting to read, since she has so many fun adventures!

Kai, of the USA, because he has been such an amazing gentleman since his new “little” sister, Willow showed up and took over “his” blog. He politely stepped aside so she could be in the limelight. Frankly, she is cute, and we love reading about her. I just don’t want Kai to be forgotten, the brilliant dane gentleman that he is.

Enjoy your award, my friends. You deserve it even more than I.

Behr Behr, the multifaceted usually glossy pup.

I was outside playing on my deck the other day, just doing things puppies like to do, like eating the dirt in mom’s plants, sniffing bugs, and looking over the railing and pretending I’m a in my fort watching for spies and intruders. Suddenly, a little funny animal came right up to my deck, um, I mean fortress. She had a long fluffy tail, and she was looking at me funny. I think she wants to play with me!

Mom told me she was a squirrel, like the ones Rusty is always on the patrol for, and that she wouldn’t take my food because she only eats nuts and stuff. Yuck. That’s weird food. Oh well, at least she won’t take any of my food. Hey, wait a minute there. If she only eats nuts, and she’s staring at me like that, does that mean she thinks I’m nuts?? Just kidding. 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, reporting live from guard duty in the fort

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