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I just don’t know what I’m going to do with my parents. I mean, I’m trying to be tolerant of their strange antics, but sometimes they really push it. Like today.

It was off to the vet place again, even tho I’m not sick. I heard them mention something about a pocket in my ear and something about collapsing or something. Who knows what that means. Ok, fine. So the vet person put some new tape on my ears to fix it. Whatever. If it makes them happy, I guess it’s ok.

Then we walk outside to the car and I notice that instead of people rushing up to me saying, “Oh what a cute puppy!! Can I pet her?” they were walking on the other side of the sidewalk like I had leprosy or something. I could hear them snickering. I began to get worried. Oh no, what have they done to me now?

There was whispering. Words like, “flying nun” and “Sally somebody or other.” Now I was REALLY worried. Was she even a great dane??


(photo source:

I got home and looked these words up on the internet and I did NOT like what I found!! When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified! And then there was the photo of the nuns on Wikipedia. Oh dear.


(nun photo source:

Now, notice what a cute , innocent face I have. Why would they dress me up like a nun? They don’t look happy either.

To “save face”, if you will, I had to practice trying to at least smile like this flying nun did. Frankly, I don’t think she looks real happy about the hat thing either, and the smile is rather weak. Kind of like mine.


(nun photo source: unknown)

The flying nun, huh? I don’t think so. I used to pretend I could fly, using my ears when I was real little, but not now. I’m more like the Flying None now.

♥ Behr Behr, AKA “flying none


Mom and Dad said I was finally done with my shots and feeling better from the giardia, so I could finally meet some new friends. Yip Yip Yippeeeee!  🙂

Late today (and in the silly rain) I got to meet my new friend, Dusty.

(Dusty’s mom is trying to help us meet in this photo, but you can’t really see her. Oooops) Dusty’s a handsome boy, isn’t he?



We kind of got off to a rough start, tho. At first, our parents kept us on leashes as we met (we were not in an enclosed yard then). Then Dusty and I decided to play and jump around with each other, and my leash got wrapped around my tummy real quick. Next time I jumped, I yelped ‘cause I thought Dusty had attacked me, which scared poor innocent Dusty!

Then I was afraid of him, and he was wondering if I was gonna keep yelping like that. It took our parents a while to help me feel comfortable again, but I finally did.

I’m glad our parents made me work my way thru that silly fear, ‘cause now Dusty and I can take hikes together and stuff. That’s gonna be fun!

Attacked by my leash!!! Ha Ha. Who’s ever heard of being attacked by a silly leash? Ok, so I feel pretty silly now. Don’t let me hear you laughing, either. I’ve got a pretty sensitive little puppy heart, you know?


(mom’s camera is doing some kind of weird purple tint thing here. We aren’t really purple!) 🙂

♥ Behr Behr, with a new leash on life now. 🙂


I’ve discovered a great game to play with my parents. It goes like this:

I feign being super thirsty so that they keep filling up my water dish. Of course, I have to actually drink a lot of the water to keep them fooled.

Then I ask to go out. They believe me, since they saw me drink all of that water.

Now that I have them outside with me, I go potty real quick so they don’t make me go back inside. Then I play and play and play a whole bunch. Yay! I got them to play outside again!!

Then when I come in, they give me the empty water container to play with for a while. I LOVE playing with these, since they make lots of noise and are crunchy!!

Unfortunately, just when I start to make some headway with the water jug and start to tear it apart, they take it away from me. Darn!

Then I feign being super thirsty …….and it starts all over again. I play this with them all day. They are still falling for it, and I get what I want. Fun game! Helps make sure your parents get their exercise, too!

Behr Behr the water buffalo



Behr Behr doesn’t know I caught this picture of her, and that I’m posting it on the web. She’d probably be a litlle embarassed because it looks so silly. 🙂 Maybe she’ll be ok with it when she sees how much fun you are having with the photo. (HOPEFULLY you will start the fun before she sees it!!!)

I know there is a funny caption (or even little story) out there for this picture. I can feel it. One of you has it inside of you, waiting to burst out into written form. Come on, let it out. Share it with the rest of us.

That includes all of you who have been silent visitors (which is fine. We love having you visit). This would be a great time to jump in!

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂

P.S.- In case you are wondering what Icanhascaption means, it’s I can has caption please. It’s a take off on the website name, icanhascheezburger, which is what we read around here for laughs. Check it out if you haven’t already 🙂




Photo enlarged for the cute little Chihuahua eyes at 4urpets. 🙂

Double click for an even larger view. (as with all blog photos)


Behr’s mom here. Conversation overheard in our yard today between Behr Behr and the neighbor’s dog, Wuki, (rhymes with cookie) thru the fence….

Behr: “Yeah, seriously, Wuki, a squirrel just ran thru here this morning that was THIS BIG (as she motions to Wuki…). Wuki, I mean it, the squirrel was bigger than you even!”


Wuki: “Behr Behr, why didn’t you catch him so we could have a new squeaky toy to play with?”

Behr: “Wuki, dude, calm down, would ja? This guy was faster than lightning. I’m sure I saw that “S” on his chest, too. You know, the one that Rusty was talking about? I think the squirrel was flying from tree to tree. No way I can catch ThAT critter! Come on, Wuki, let’s go practice flying.

Hmmmm. Dog tales!

Behr Behr’s mom 🙂



Wow! I actually DID get a cow, for real!

I LOVE my new cow, too. It has sqeakers in the feet and the head sounds sort of like a ducky. I chomp on the head, like non-stop, to the point of almost driving those around me nuts with the constant “quack quack” like sound. I love to shake him back and forth wildly, like I’m some sort of wild lion with it’s prey or something. Or maybe a bear. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day to all of my bloggy friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Give kisses to your humans today. ♥

Behr Behr


You humans have a saying that’s right up my alley. “I’m so hungry, I could eat a cow.” That’s me, alright. Now we’re talkin’!! I do like veggies, too, tho, so throw lots of lettuce on that, will ya?

I am ALWAYS bugging my parents for food. Right now I eat 8 cups of food per day. I know you guys with smaller dogs will be stunned at that, but this little acorn is growing into a mighty oak tree, almost overnight. (plus I was becoming underweight with the giardia) The amount they’ re feeding me almost feels like a mere snack. I’d be more than happy to just eat all day long, but they hide the food in a locked cabinet. I wonder why they do that? I mean, it’s MY food, right? I don’t get it. I should be in charge of the silly food if it’s mine. Maybe they are sneaking my food and then claiming it’s me eating all of it. Yeah, that’s probably it. 🙂

This little acorn has gained 30 lbs. in 6 ½ weeks now. My mom just checked with the breeder to see if that was ok, and she said that obviously I was going to be a really big girl. I thought I was going to be an oak tree. Hmmmm.

Hey, let’s stop talking and bring on the cows. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I’m gonna “hoof it” into the kitchen and look for a snack. Or, how about “steering”
our car right on over to the Cow Palace? Mmmmmmoooooo. 🙂

♥Behr Behr the dairy queen.


This is one of my favorite toys to play with when I’m feeling rambunctious. It’s called the Orka Jack, not to be confused with the whale (Orca, or killer whale). I’m the one that kills things around here. Ok, so I only kill my toys. 🙂

So what’s so special about this toy? Well, for one thing, I haven’t torn it to shreds yet. That’s pretty amazing. There is a big pile of toys that I have destroyed now, but not this one! (or my hard Kong toys)


Best of all, tho, is that when my mom or dad throws it for me, it bounces WILDLY all over the place in crazy, random directions. I can never guess where it will go, and as soon as I catch up with it, it moves again. It’s really fun when they throw it with a little twist of the hand, ‘cause it does even more wild things. I can play with this thing non stop for a long time, and when I get tired, I lay down and chew away on it.


Unfortunately, my mom hasn’t been able to catch pictures of me racing around trying to catch this silly Orka yet because of the constant changes in directions as it bounces. Maybe someday. At least they get a lot of laughs in while watching me try to catch this silly jack.

I’m sure glad they got this jack for me, ‘cause it’s a killer toy!  🙂

♥ Behr Behr, destroyer of toys


Today my mom and my human sister were shopping together and they found something I needed. Remember I said that I loved being a pampered puppy princess who has “day spa” days, but there was one little problem? I said, There’s only one little problem about the day spa. It washes my favorite smell out of my hair, unfortunately. This spa doesn’t seem to have that on hand, so I have to go get it again after each of my treatments. Not a big deal, really, just a minor inconvenience.

My favorite fragrance blend is “Eau de Dirt & Grass” because it has that refreshing, earthy, natural smell that I love.”

Well, good news! They found these colognes in my favorite scents!!! I was SO SURPRISED!!!! I’m not kidding, they really found these. Now I can have my spa treatments and finish up with that great grass and dirt scent. Actually, they found one I haven’t tried called “wet garden” too, but it sounds wonderful.

Now my spa days are complete, and I’m a happy puppy.

Behr Behr the beautiful.


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